Urban Exploring or Urban Exploration (often shortened as UE or urbex) is the exploration of manmade structures, usually abandoned ruins or hidden components of the manmade environment.

Ever since we moved to Berlin more than a decade ago, we've been transfixed with its history. The abundance of historic locations - especially abandoned places - dating back 50, 100 or in some cases even 200 years instantly had us hooked. The accessibility (and availability) of these urban exploring locations has sadly dwindled over the years – but there is still an abundance of abandoned places to be found and documented.

While Berlin has become a touristic hotspot for new and old urbex-ers alike (though not quite yet rivaling the allure of our neighbour Belgium) – the Brandenburg region around Berlin, as well as Saxony and several of the other former East German States hold a treasure trove of lost and abandoned places to be found.

Considering that Berlin is our Urbex “home” – it’s only natural that we focus most on the locations that are right at our doorstep. It’s no secret though that we love Brandenburg – and whenever we get the chance, we head out for some urban exploring and check out the abandoned historical remnants.

While we do appreciate abandoned factories and other lost industrial places, our special focus lies on former military installations – specifically military bases left behind by the Third Reich and the Soviet Red Army. Visiting these abandoned places – from Jüterbog to Finsterwalde – allows us to trace some family connections and possibly answer some open questions. But that's a story for another day.

Bellow is the full selection of (public) urban exploring posts that we've currently published - but if you want to browse by region you can either select a region in the Urbex Menu, scroll down to the footer, or click on one of the three links here: Urban Exploring Berlin | Lost Places Oranienburg | Lost Places Brandenburg. Of course we also have a small selection of urbex posts from other countries such as France, Italy and Hungary below in the footer.

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Kaserne Krampnitz


After the end of the Second World War, the Allies – and especially the Soviets started a mad scramble to repurpose former Nazi Military installations. Never letting a good Wehrmacht or Luftwaffe base go to waste – the […] Read More

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