reactor block reaktor gebaeude kernkraftwerk greifswald nuclear powerplant ost deutschland east germany gdr DDR mecklenburg vorpommern

Kernkraftwerk Greifswald

2 months ago

Germany had always been at the forefront of Nuclear Research with Otto Hahn and his assistant Fritz Straßmann being the first to discover Nuclear Fission on the 17th of December 1938. After the second world war, many of […] Read More

back view large factory hall ruedersdorf chemical factory rudersdorf abandoned urbex urban exploring berlin lost places

Chemiewerk Rüdersdorf

4 months ago

Just a few kilometers outside of the city limits of Berlin, in the city of Rüdersdorf lie the ruins of the Chemiewerk Rüdersdorf – a former cement turned phosphate chemical factory – with a history dating back over […] Read More

soviet piano stage sanatorium tuberkulose heilstaette grabowsee sanatorium hospital oranienburg lost places abandoned urbex brandenburg germany deutschland

Heilstätte Grabowsee

5 months ago

Just a few kilometers outside of Oranienburg – in the middle of the forest lie the ruins of what used to be one of Germanys most modern Lung clinics, the Lungenheilstätte Grabowsee, most commonly referred to as the […] Read More

close up red star panzerkaserne bernau heeresbekleidungsamt hauptamt kaserne lindow soviet wehrmacht brandenburg lost places urbex abandoned

Panzerkaserne Bernau

5 months ago

Bernau, just a few kilometers outside of Berlin was a city once known for its extensive Beer and Cloth Production skills. Today its known for being conveniently located on the S-Bahn line to Berlin and its UNESCO World […] Read More

hubertusbad lichtenberg facade statues stadtbad lichtenberg hubertusbad berlin abandoned pool urbex lost places

The abandoned Stadtbad Lichtenberg

7 months ago

Berlin hasn’t always been a very “hygienic city”. Some say it still isn’t, but considering it boasts over 67 public baths today (83 if you count the members only / non-communal ones) then I’d think you’d be safe […] Read More

theater forst zinna adolf hitler lager luckenwalde juterbog sowjet kaserne soviet military barracks germany lost places urbex abandoned

Adolf Hitler Lager – Forst Zinna

8 months ago

An hour south of Berlin lay the ruins of the Adolf Hitler Lager – a sprawling military complex known more commonly as Forst Zinna. Between the 1930s and the early 1990s, thousands of Nazis, East Germans and Soviets […] Read More

ss schiesstand sachsenhausen oraninenburg brandenburg lost places urbex abandoned germany shooting range schiessplatz kugelfang

SS Schießstand Sachsenhausen

10 months ago

The quaint Oranienburg, just an hours drive north of Berlin has a long history dating back to the 13th century when it was still known as Bötzow. Sadly the period between the early 1930s and late 1940s has […] Read More

water tower train tracks rangierbahnhof wustermark train yard elstal berlin lost places abandoned urbex brandenburg

Rangierbahnhof Wustermark


Just a few kilometers outside of Berlin stands what’s left of the Rangierbahnhof Wustermark – once one of Germanys largest and most modern train shunting yards. Allied bombing in World War II, and the division of Germany into […] Read More

roter stern red star graffiti nazi soviet military base abandoned urbex urban exploring loewen adler kaserne elstal wustermark roter stern kaserne germany lost places

Löwen Adler Kaserne


The name Elstal might ring a bell for some – mainly due to it being the home of the (not so) abandoned 1936 Olympic Village. But the small village actually has a deeper, specifically military, history due to […] Read More

close up side view white maria weise maria weise madonna rohrbeck brandenburg abandoned urbex lost places world war one memorial

The White Maria


The vast forest and fields around Berlin have had a long military history. The Döberitzer Heide (also known as Dallgow Döberitz), just on the border to the West of Berlin saw its first large scale military maneuvers in […] Read More

front tram strassenbahn brandenburg dallgow doeberitz potsdam abandoned urbex lost places germany deutschland

The Abandoned Forest Tram


When venturing out into the forest surrounding Berlin you can never be quite sure what lost and abandoned places you’ll stumble upon, especially when you head just a few kilometers west of Berlin to Dallgow-Döberitz. The first large-scale […] Read More

abandoned villa field winterquartier staatszirkus ddr lost places berlin urban exploring abandoned urbex germany

The Winter Home of the State Circus of the German Democratic Republic


I’ve never really been a fan of Circuses. I’ve been to a fair share, including some in Russia, and I’ve always felt slightly uncomfortable with the often-dubious animal shows. Historically, Berlin had always been known to be a […] Read More

soviet ray window gates eberswalde artillerie kaserne soviet artillery barracks brandenburg lost places urbex abandoned germany

The Artillerie Kaserne


The seemingly sleepy town of Eberswalde, and hour north of Berlin has a lot more history than one could expect. Eberswalde saw a rapid industrialization in the middle of the 19th century with factories and industries ranging from Ironworks, […] Read More

front view versuchsstelle fuer hoehenfluege nazi bunker WWII abandoned lost places urbex oranienburg brandenburg germany

The Versuchsstelle für Höhenflüge


Oranienburg, 35 kilometers to the north of Berlin is a city with a heavy heritage. Not only was it home to two concentration camps – the KZ Oranienburg (one of the first in Germany) and the KZ Sachsenhausen, […] Read More

train switch house abandoned lost palces berlin germany urbex

The Switch House


Nothing could be dug up about this little abandoned railroad switch house. We stumbled across this lost place by chance looking for another abandoned structure a while back. While there might not be any information online, we can […] Read More

nazi barracks front side oranienburg kz sachsenhausen nazi ss germany barracks ss Hundertschaftsgebaeude lost places abandoned urbex urban exploring

The SS Hundertschaftsgebäude


When the KZ Sachsenhausen was constructed in 1936, it was intended to be used as a blueprint for other concentration camps, both in its design and management. Just outside of its triangular walls, an SS-Truppenlager was established (along […] Read More

glass window heizhaus heating plant abandoned urbex lost places berlin germany

The Heating Plant


Theres not much information to be found about the Heating Plant, but theres enough information about the surrounding area that one can speculate about its history. Judging from its architecture, the building was most likely constructed sometime after […] Read More

kz sachsenhausen concentration camp germany ss bath house boiler house ss heizwerk badehaus front abandoned urbex lost places

The SS Bath and Boiler House


When the KZ Sachsenhausen was constructed in 1936, it was intended to be used as a blueprint for other concentration camps, both in its design and management. Just outside of its triangular walls, an SS-Truppenlager was established (along […] Read More

villa heike front view DDR stasi nazi archiv berlin germany abandoned lost places urbex urban exploring

Villa Heike


Hohenschönhausen is one of those areas in Berlin that one rarely traverses these days. Wedged above Lichtenberg and Marzahn, one struggles to come up with a reason to visit this district – aside from the Berlin-Hohenschönhausen Memorial, a former […] Read More

abandoned factory outside maschinenfabrik georg lensch lost places urbex urban exploring abandoned germany

The Machine Factory


After receiving a patent in 1901 for a machine which was capable of drying yarn, the Industrialist Georg Lensch built himself a large representative factory in 1912. The factory was designed by the Austrian Architect Karl Josef Benirschke […] Read More

upper floor rotten gasthof zum schwarzen adler ruedersdorf brandenburg deutschland germany abandoned lost palces urbex

Gasthof zum Schwarzen Adler


Not much can be dug up about the abandoned Gasthof zum Schwarzen Adler (Black Eagle Inn). The abandoned hotel and restaurant must have been quite the popular hangout seeing as it was located directly next to the entrance […] Read More

textil fabrik factory urbex lost places abandoned germany staircase

The Textile Factory


The abandoned textile factory was designed and built by the architects Naumann & Kalitzki in the year 1923 for two jewish brothers. The brothers had built up their business in 1908, but needed a larger building by the […] Read More

herrmann goering Marshall batons carinhall guardhouse schorfheide germany

Carinhall – The ruins of Herrmann Görings Villa


In the heart of (one of) central Europe’s largest nature reserves – the Schorfheide –  lie the ruins of Carinhall – Herrmann Göring’s luxurious villa, attracting treasure hunters, Neo-Nazis and the curious alike. While nature has reclaimed what […] Read More

schloss dammsmuehle berlin lost places germany abandoned berlin urbex castle turm tower

Schloss Dammsmühle


Schloss Dammsmühle – an 18th century fairy tale castle to the north of Berlin slowly bidding its time. Once an illustrious home to a wealthy merchant, the abandoned castle has gone through all the un-pleasantries modern German history […] Read More

zwei tuerme bunker seite weisse haeuser rechlin mecklenburg urbex lost places

Die Weiße Häuser Rechlin – Hitlers secret city


Hidden in a thick overgrowth and a fast growing forest in the northeast of Germany lies one of the last remnants of what Hitlers world capital Germania could have looked like. Hitlers secret city – known as the […] Read More

berlin factory milchhof veb milchhof ddr back view

The VEB Milchhof


The history of the VEB Milchhof (Dairy Farm) begins with the construction and opening of another famous (and now abandoned) Berlin location – the Säuglings und Kinderkrankenhaus in Weißensee in 1911. The Berlin Milk War Before we get into […] Read More

abandoned berlin wernerbad mahlsdorf kaulsdorf verlassen urbex urban exploring lost places abandoned swimmingpool berlin germany water slide

The Wernerbad


The Wernerbad was Berlins oldest (abandoned) open air swimming pool. The term Swimmingpool might be a bit of a glorification as the origins of the Wernerbad are a kettle pond – a pond that’s formed by the water […] Read More

abandoned germany abandoned berlin lost places berlin urban exploring berlin urbex berlin abandoned villa childrens home mansion

The Abandoned Children’s Home


Hidden in a small overgrowth in a luxurious suburb of Berlin lie the ruins of an abandoned villa. Built at the turn of the of the 19th Century, the luxurious villa was just one of many in this […] Read More

abandoned berlin urbex lost places berlin urban exploring germany abandoned nail factory

The Nail Factory


Founded in 1867, the now abandoned nail factory specialised in manufacturing horse shoe nails. In 1871, the owners decided to relocate the factory to a new production site as they had developed a machine that allowed for a […] Read More

front side view abandoned boeing 707 tegel txl flughafen airport berlin germany deutschland

Berlins Abandoned Boeing 707


Berlin and its Airports – a never-ending saga. First they killed off Berlins most central Airport, Tempelhof in 2008, then they wanted to expand Schönefeld and close down Tegel in 2011. While closing down Tempelhof gave Berlin its […] Read More

soviet russian mil mi 8 helicopter germany deutschland abandoned urbex lost places hubschrauber wald ddr

The Abandoned Helicopter


Wedged between some trees in a little forest stands a stripped Soviet helicopter. A Mil Mi-8 to be exact. As rumors have it, the Mil Mi-8 was pushed as a project after Nikita Khrushchev was so impressed by a flight […] Read More

abandoned hospital berlin verlassenes krankenhaus lost places urbex ruins germany abandoned hospital building

The Jungle Hospital


When it comes to abandoned structures, it always struck me as odd why cities let Hospitals go to waste. Industries come and go (especially in East Germany), but everybody needs a Hospital right? Berlin has its fair share of […] Read More

verlassenes schwimbad pankow abandoned pool berlin urbex lost places abandoned berlin brocken windows

Schwimmhalle Pankow


It seems like nobody likes to go swimming anymore these days. Or at least one gets that impression when looking at the amount of abandoned swimming pools Berlin has. The city has no money to repair them (or […] Read More

san vito lo capo tonnara del secco abandoned urbex lost places italy sicily ocean view beach tuna factory

Tonnara del Secco – The Sicilian Tuna Fishery


Sicily – an explorers dream. Stunning landscapes, beautiful coastlines with crystal clear water and lots of abandoned villages and factories. Just a short walk from one of Sicily’s most stunning beaches – san vito lo capo – lies […] Read More

pferde kopf verlassen horse abandoned urbex lost places castle burg germany deutschland

The White Castle


Built in 1873 by one of the richest Germans of the Bismarck era – the White Castle was one of the only buildings in northern Germany at the time to be built out of massive sandstone, granite and […] Read More

lost places abandoned villa germany urbex

The Classical Villa


Once home to a wealthy industrialist or Businessman – this once stunning Villa has been left to fend on its own for several decades. Rotten to the core, its roof has collapsed taking the stairwell with it. Not […] Read More

Postenturm Neumagener Strasse Liebermannstrasse abandoned berlin watchtower

The Stasi Tower


When the DDR erected the „Antifaschistischer Schutzwall“ – aka the Berlin Wall in 1961, the 160 Kilometer long fortification was overlooked by 302 Watchtowers. The East German Watchtowers weren’t only used for guarding the Berlin Wall, but served as Guard-posts […] Read More

abandoned castle europe forest

Rapunzel’s Tower


Hidden in a small overgrown forest on the outskirts of a sleepy village lies Rapunzel’s Tower. Or at least whats left of it. Rubble of the former castle is still visible here and there, alluding to its former […] Read More

cretto di burri gibellina street art

Il Grande Cretto di Gibellina


In the middle of nowhere, accessible only through one treacherous country road split and cracked by the Sicilian sun lies the Ghost Town of Gibellina.  This place has many names – Gibellina Vecchia, il cretto di Burri or […] Read More

flugzeughallen karlshorst berlin

Flugzeughallen Karlshorst


Berlin-Karlshorst has always had a long history in aviation. Between 1907 and 1911, Georg Wilhelm von Siemens ordered the construction of the first rotating Airship Hangar on a plot of land in Biesdorf. Around the same time, a small airport […] Read More

verlassener hoersaal berlin anatomie schule

The School of Anatomy


Despite having only closed its doors a few years ago – vandals have found their way into this abandoned anatomy school.  All that remains are the shards of glass and medical tissue papers strew across the floor.  And […] Read More

fabrik halle und wachturm veb kuehlautomat berlin

VEB Kühlautomat


Back in the day, Berlin had 6 Airports – Schönefeld, Tegel, Tempelhof, Gatow, Staaken, and Johannisthal. 4 of those have since been closed, some converted into parks and nature reserves, others into museums – and some, such as […] Read More

auslaenderlager schoenholz bunker vorne

Ausländerlager Schönholz


Berlin is made of Bunkers. Where ever you go, chances are pretty high that you’ll stumble across some signs or remnants of a Bunker. Be it the Volkspark Friedrichshain, underneath the Alexanderplatz, the Boros Bunker or the remnants […] Read More

werkshalle oben veb baerensiegel adlershof berlin

VEB Bärensiegel


Everybody loves a drink or two – and Berlin was (and still is) a city for drinkers. 150 years ago, the city had over 200 breweries and distilleries – today only a fraction of them remain. While many […] Read More

heeresbekleidungsamt bernau

Heeresbekleidungsamt Bernau


With more and more abandoned places in Berlin being converted into apartments and offices (or just outright being torn down) – it’s becoming increasingly more uncommon to find “untouched” and forgotten places in Berlin. Thankfully Startups and Hipsters […] Read More

abandoned piano berlin germany

The Cinema Directors House


From the outside it looks like any other closed down villa – but this 2 story house is more than that. Upon closer inspection this run down Villa turns out to be an Abandoned Cinema. The villa was […] Read More

dreilinden checkpoint bravo flaggen

Checkpoint Bravo


The Berlin Wall didn’t go up on the 13th of August 1961. What actually happened was that East Berlin Closed all its borders with West Berlin that day. Roads were torn up, barbed wire barriers were erected and […] Read More

abandoned sbahn milestone friedhofsbahn stahnsdorf germany

The Friedhofsbahn


Berlins rail based public transport network is huge. Combined, the S-Bahn and U-Bahn have over 477 Km worth of tracks, 25 lines and 339 stations – something very few cities can match. Dating back to 1838 – the […] Read More

abandoned factory control panel

Berlin – Mission Control


Spotted – Berlin, Germany

Read More
Müggelturm Berlin

111 Places in Berlin – Nr 68: The Müggelturm


Berlin is best enjoyed from the top. Not that there are that many opportunities within the city aside from the Fernsehturm and the Weltballon. But if you venture out to the fringes of Berlin and stumble down hidden […] Read More

munitionsdepot oranienburg small bunker

Munitionsdepot Oranienburg


After the Soviets liberated the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp in April 1945, they immediately occupied all buildings and structures in and around Oranienburg which they thought they could profit from such as the Sachsenhausen Camp, The SS hundertschaftsgebäude and the SS […] Read More

abandoned swimming pool lichtenberg diving board

The BVB Freibad Lichtenberg


Schools out for Summer and everyone’s heading to the pool. But not this one. The Freibad Lichtenberg has been closed for a good 20 years, the ground is still rumored to be littered with bombs from the second […] Read More

Oranienburg Frunkbunker Karo Ass

Funkbunker Karo Ass


When the Nazis set up the Concentration Camp Sachsenhausen in Oranieburg (35km North of Berlin), the SS swarmed out in search for suitable space to settle their units. A small forest was conveniently located between Oranienburg and Friedrichsthal […] Read More

gewoelbe ss hundeschule sachsenhausen oranienburg

SS-Hundeschule Sachsenhausen


While the horrors of the KZ Sachsenhausen in Oranienburg have been documented for posterity, and the KZ itself has been preserved as a memorial for future generations – many of the structures used by the SS connected to […] Read More

einflughalle abandoned aircraft hangar flugplatz oranienburg urbex abandoned lost places brandenburg

Flugplatz Oranienburg


Oranienburg is one of those German Cities whose not so distant history casts a very dark shadow over it. It was home to not one, but two Concentration Camps – the KZ Oranienburg (one of the firs Camps […] Read More

abandoned industrail factory berlin koepenick

VEB Kabelwerk Köpenick


*Update 19.7.2013* Just as I was about to post this I stumbled across some bad news. Some asshole set the VEB Kabelwerk Köpenick on fire on the 7th of June 2013. 200 sq m of the Roof went […] Read More

A Photo of The Digital Cosmonaut in Oranienburg, Germany

Oranienburg – The Digital Cosmonaut


Spotted – Oranienburg, Germany

Read More
obelisk doeberitzer heide

Truppenübungsplatz Döberitz


Gut Ding will Weile haben – a good thing is worth waiting for. That is until you wait too long. When I first moved to Berlin I heard about an abandoned army training base dating back to the […] Read More

abandoned chemicals

VEB Fotochemische Werke Berlin


The steady decline of film photography and production has become a mere side note in today’s digital world. Every so often you’ll see a small news article pop up stating that Kodak has sold off some patents here […] Read More

abandoned gas station pumps berlin

The Abandoned 1950s Gas Station


Virtually untouched – hidden in a courtyard lies an old abandoned Gas Station, an 80-year-old Berlin time capsule. A trio of old Arab men guard the courtyard entrance, suspiciously eying up every passerby while casually circulating a joint.  […] Read More

typewriter abandoned iraqi embassy berlin

The Abandoned Iraqi Embassy in Berlin


It’s a scene akin to the ransacking of Iraq. Broken glass, smashed doors, charred ceilings, and paper. Lots of mouldy paper strewn across every room on every floor. Everybody knows about the abandoned Iraqi embassy in Berlin, its […] Read More

Bahnhof Siemensstadt

111 Places in Berlin – Nr 86: The S-Bahnhof Siemensstadt


Berlin has its fair share of Geisterbahnhöfe – Ghost Stations. Some are hidden underground, behind brick walls, or in overgrown forests  while others are hiding in plain sight. The Second World War scuttled many U and S-Bahn projects, […] Read More

abandoned childrens hospital weissensee berlin urbex lost places saeuglings und kinder krankenhaus

The Abandoned Childrens Hospital in Weißensee


The Abandoned Childrens Hospital in Weißensee Berlin or as its was officially known as: The Säuglings- und Kinderkrankenhaus Preußens (Childrens Hospital Prussia) was the first communal run childrens hospital in Prussia. The Childrens Hospital was designed by Carl James […] Read More

Parisi Udvar Logo in Budapest, Hungary

Párizsi Udvar – The Hidden Treasure


It’s no secret that I am a huge Hungary Fan. Every year I visit Budapest at least once – which might be because  my lovely partner is Hungarian – or just down to the fact that the Summer […] Read More

small ballroom of the abandoned ballhaus riviera

111 Places in Berlin – Nr 5: The Ballhaus in Grünau


1920s Berlin was the place to be – it was the epicenter of culture and vice. The Weimar era brought out some of the best in German Culture, from Bauhaus Design, to Films such as Metropolis and The […] Read More

Eglise du Bon Pasteur- Church of the Good Shepard in Lyon, France

L’église du Bon-Pasteur


So I spent a few days in Lyon again in December and January, enjoying the weather, good food, and some well needed rest. On the brink of cabin fever (read: jesus I need to get out of the […] Read More

The Bahnbetriebswerk Pankow Heinersdorf seen from Sbahn platform

Bahnbetriebswerk Pankow Heinersdorf


It seems like i’m slowly turning into a train spotter – or something akin to that. Though i’m not that interested in the trains themselves, i’m interested in the structures that used to house them. While browsing through some Forums, I […] Read More

The Rewatex Factory in Spindlersfeld, Berlin, Germany



By now everyone should have realized that Berlin is a large urban wasteland dotted with specs of “civilization”. With a little research and some light reading you will easily stumble across an Abandoned Industrial Ruin or a deserted […] Read More

kino sojus tower block view abandoned cinema verlassenes kino lost places abandoned berlin germany

Kino Sojus


Marzahn. The last Bastion of old Berlin. Cold, Ugly, and Unwelcoming. Plattenbauten as far as the eye can see. You’re not going to see any hipsters flocking over here in droves (even though the rents are still legendary […] Read More

crow graffiti

Papiermühle Wolfswinkel


Most people living in Berlin will be familiar with the name Eberswalde – mainly because of the U2 U-Bahn Station Eberswalderstraße (and the fact that Konopkes Currywurst and the Mauerpark are located there). Eberswalde is more than just […] Read More

Facade inside the Theater

The Lost Cabaret


Berlin is a truly wonderful place. No matter where you go there, there’s always a secret bit of history to be discovered. Not too long ago a curious property investor stumbled upon a bricked up building in the […] Read More

Back Staircase to the First Floor

Stadtbad Oderberger Straße


On every second sunday in September, Germany (and several other european countries) celebrates the “Tag des offenen Denkmals”(Day of the open Monuments) as part of the European Heritage Days. Monuments, buildings, and Institutions which are generally closed off […] Read More

The abandoned Eisfabrik in Berlin, Germany

The Eisfabrik


Walking along the Spree you’ll find an ever decreasing amount of crumbling factories and halls. All are destined to make way for the MediaSpree Project, for luxury Hotels and Offices in the name of Urban Renewal. Yet one […] Read More

Steps leading onto subway tracks of the U6 Tunneltag

U6 Tunneltag


Germans Love Tunnels. They simply go apeshit for them. Theres simply no other explanation as to why over 7000 people queued up on a Sunday Morning after the BVG invited 5000 enthusiasts to take part in a  “Tunneltag” […] Read More

an old folding bed in an abandoned clinic

Sanatorium E


The “Sanatorium E” was constructed as a Lung Clinic between 1912 and 1914 by the Jewish Doctor Walter Freimuth and his wife. After the German Reich introduced the first form of public health care, hospitals and sanatoriums sprung up all […] Read More

nazi eagle swastika mosaic tiles kaserne krampnitz abandoned potsdam berlin Kavallerieschule barracks Panzertruppenschule nazi soviet military base germany deutschland

Kaserne Krampnitz


After the end of the Second World War, the Allies – and especially the Soviets started a mad scramble to repurpose former Nazi Military installations. Never letting a good Wehrmacht or Luftwaffe base go to waste – the […] Read More

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