The Sowjetisches Ehrenmal Rummelsburg – or as it is also alternatively known Sowjetisches Ehrenmal Nöldnerstraße or Sowjetisches Ehrenmal Lichtenberg is somewhat shrouded in mystery. It seems like there is very little publicly available information available for this monument. It doesn’t seem to be listed in the Districts Memorial Database, and none of the literature I could dig up seemed to mention anything substantial

What we do know is that it must have been built between 1946 and 1953. A memo from 1953 states that the cenotaph in the Nöldnerstraße had only been “walled in” along the street, but an overall enclosure was absolutely necessary.

The Sowjetisches Ehrenmal Nöldnerstraße is located on the grounds of the Erlöserkirche. I asked if they had any information and an “established” member of the community gave me the following information:

At the end of April, beginning of May 1945, around 200 Soviet Soldiers were killed in the area. They were buried next to the church. After construction began with the Soviet War Memorial in Treptower Park, the bodies were exhumed and laid to rest at the memorial in Treptower Park. The Obelisk now serves as a place of remembrance.

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Considering that the construction of the Sowjetisches Ehrenmal Treptower Park was completed in 1949 – the Memorial at the Nöldnerstraße could have only been constructed between June 1945 and June 1949 (or at least it would have been highly unlikely for them to build the Sowjetisches Ehrenmal Rummelsburg afterwards). The Soviet War Memorial Rummelsburg is an Obelisk, constructed out of simple bricks with a bronze star at the top. Its flanked by two grey flower pots but they seem to be a later addition by the church. Unlike the other Soviet Memorials, it only has one bronze plaque in German:

Ruhm und Ehre den Helden der Sowjetarmee

Which translates into English:

Glory and Honor to the Heroes of the Soviet Army

8 mai tafel 8 may plaque sowjetisches ehrenmal rummelsburg noeldnerstrasse lichtenberg soviet war memorial rummelsburg erloeserkirche berlin deutschland germany

The small obelisk looks somewhat unkempt with its crooked star and appears to be more simply constructed with its bare bricks. Unlike the Memorial in Buch, the Soviet War Memorial Rummelsburg is less ornate and rather quaint. Its worth visiting this Memorial in combination with the Schrotkuegelturm just down the street.

The Soviet War Memorial Rummelsburg is one of 12 Soviet War Memorials of Berlin. You can find an overview post here – The Soviet War Memorials of Berlin –  with a condensed history of all Soviet War Memorials in Berlin, or you can click through the list below and read about each Soviet War Memorial individually.

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Address of the Sowjetisches Ehrenmal Rummelsburg

Sowjetisches Ehrenmal Rummelsburg | Soviet War Memorial Rummelsburg
Nöldnerstraße 43, 10317 Berlin

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