Looking for abandoned and lost places in Berlin, Brandenburg and the rest of Germany? Well you've found my map. Sharing locations and addresses is always a controversial topic in the Urbex World - and location requests are quite possibly one of the most frequent questions I get when people ask me about lost places. I’ve mentioned it on my Urbex FAQ page and ill reiterate it here:

No location is secret - some are just lesser known than others. Certain abandoned places deserve a degree of anonymity as too much publicity always attracts the wrong kind of people. Vandals, bored kids and disrespectful adventurers don't share the same values and sense of respect for locations that many others do - and once a location becomes well known it is quickly overrun and destroyed. Some people deny this, but almost every urbexer can list off a whole string of locations that have been destroyed due to publicity and idiots.

So why am I sharing a somewhat large map of abandoned places in Berlin? The answer is relatively simple. None of the urbex locations on this map are exclusive or secret. A simple google search will reveal a whole string of coordinates on multiple platforms. That doesn’t mean that these places should be treated disrespectfully, but its just the cold truth that a large portion of people know where these places are and make no secret about them.

But on that note – there are certain locations that I mention on my site which are not listed on this map. They deserve the anonymity and the peace that comes with it. If I don’t list an address on my site or on this Abandoned Places Map, there’s a reason for it.

This Lost Places Map is far from complete – of the circa 200 places we’ve visited over the years, only a fraction have made it on the site. If you do have a tip for a an urban exploring location that we should visit – just drop us a line.

If you'd like to see the entire list of abandoned places that we've documented on this site, feel free to check out our main Urban Exploring page. We've also broken down our Lost Place locations into regions such as Berlin, Oranienburg, and Brandenburg for the sake of convenience. 

Abandoned and Lost Places Map