The region of Brandenburg in Germany has a rich and diverse cultural history dating back to the 9th century. The region saw its largest expansion from the 18th century onwards thanks the Kingdom of Prussia, with a large part of its territory being located in what is now Poland. The region is dotted with thousands of small castles and once luxurious manors belonging to the various local nobility - of which many have since fallen into disrepair and obscurity. 

The end of the Second World War saw a large territorial loss on the German side, with the majority of the land being ceded to Poland (and the region of Königsberg to the Soviet Union, now Russia), often splitting cities in half. The Soviet occupation and the establishment of the German Democratic Republic saw a large scale dispossession of wealthy land owners and the destruction of their property as well as the establishment of the largest Soviet Military Installations outside of the Soviet Union - often by simply repurposing former Nazi Military Barracks and Bunkers - like the former U-Boot Command Center Lager Koralle or the Adolf Hitler Lager in Forst Zinna

After German Reunification in 1991 and the Soviet Withdrawal in 1994, the vast majority of Soviet Military Bases in Brandenburg have been left abandoned and have become so called lost places. They are joined by thousands of factories, hotels and infrastructure given up or sold out after the demise of the East German Industry - giving urbexers a wealth of tragic motives. 

Below are some of the abandoned and lost places that we've explored and documented in Brandenburg during our urbex trips - but our list is by far not complete. Be sure to check back on a regular basis - or sign up to our Newsletter and stay up to date whenever we explore a new Lost Places in Brandenburg. 

turm hufnagelfabrik eberswalde lost places urbex brandenburg

Hufnagelfabrik Eberswalde

2 months ago

A solitary chimney peeking above the trees is the sole remainder of what was one the worlds largest producer of horseshoe nails. The Hufnagelfabrik in Eberswalde revolutionised its productions methods […]

vorder ansicht villa schreiber eberswalde brandenburg 2024 lost place_

Villa Schreiber

3 months ago

Situated on a small elevation overlooking a forest and the nearby Finowkanal lie the ruins of the Villa Schreiber, a rather sad reminder of Eberswalde’s impressive industrial legacy which once […]

NVA Lazarett Bunker Brandenburg innen einrichtung

The East German NVA Hospital Bunker

9 months ago

Hidden in a forest between a somewhat busy road and a little housing estate, you can find an East German NVA bunker doing what a bunker does best – staying […]

flugleitung lenin statue seite urbex lost place flugplatz alt daber wittstock dosse brandenburg

Flugplatz Alt Daber (Wittstock/Dosse)

10 months ago

This article is also available in: Deutsch While we are avid rail travel enthusiast and avoid flying whenever possible – we have an almost unhealthy attraction to abandoned airports. East Germanys […]

russen villa eingang seite fuerstenwalde brandenburg lost places urbex

The Twin Villas of Fürstenwalde

11 months ago

This article is also available in: Deutsch One of the many allures of visiting and exploring the cities and towns in Brandenburg is the chance to basque in the architectural […]

ddr stasi ansicht wald seite bramo werke basdorf zuemo werke zuehlsdorf wandlitz brandenburg lost places urbex

Brandenburgische Motorenwerke (Bramo Werk)

11 months ago

The forests of Brandenburg harbour many secrets – though more often than not, it’s almost impossible to fully decipher them. One of these secrets is what’s left of the so […]

mars la tour kaserne radfahrerkaserne fürstenwalde brandenburg lost places

Mars La Tour Kaserne Fürstenwalde

12 months ago

This article is also available in: Deutsch Seemingly every larger village in Brandenburg has some connection to Germany’s military past – but few places can boast 360 years of continuous […]

Flugplatz Werneuchen

Mar 17, 2023

While the German Air Force was demobilized after the end of the first world war, and eventually dissolved as a condition under the treaty of versailles in 1920 – the […]

rollbahn drone view NVA Flugplatz Löpten Klein Köris Brandenburg Abandoned Lost Places

NVA Flugplatz Löpten

Nov 17, 2022

While the German Luftwaffe had 70 military air bases and airfields spread around Berlin and Brandenburg alone at the end of World War II, the newly created Air Force of […]

avro lancaster crash site brandenburg märkisch buchholz germany

The Avro Lancaster Crash Site

Nov 3, 2022

The year 1944 was the single most destructive year for both the RAF and USAAF during the strategic bombing of Germany. Combined, over 900 thousand tons of bombs were dropped […]

large rocket bunker NVA Flugabwehr Raketenabteilung Klosterfelde Brandenburg DDR lost places

NVA Flugabwehr-Raketenabteilung 4123 Klosterfelde

Sep 22, 2022

The forests around Berlin harbour a great many secrets. The Prussian, Nazis, East Germans and the Soviets – all of them have lurked around Brandenburgs expansive Oak and Birch forests, […]

atrium treppe wald mfs buchheide stasi hotel templin lost places urbex

The MFS Buchheide – The Stasi Hotel

Jul 15, 2022

On the south eastern edge of the picturesque city of Templin, nestled in a small forest next to the Lübbesee lies the MFS Buchheide – also known as the Stasi […]

abandoned teufelsberg urbex berlin

9 Legal Lost Places to visit in and around Berlin (and 10 that you can’t)

Jul 8, 2022

Urban Exploring has become quite a mainstream activity over the years, thanks to its ever growing presence and popularity on sites like youtube, reddit and even tiktok. Even this website […]

kraftwerk vogelsang oder ansicht wernerwerk fürstenberg eisenhüttenstadt urbex lost places

Kraftwerk Vogelsang

Jun 16, 2022

Directly along the scenic Oder-Neiße border between Germany and Poland lies the concrete remnants of the Kraftwerk Vogelsang, a crumbling symbol of the destructive madness of the Third Reich. While […]

tower flugplatz rangsdorf brandenburg urbex lost places

Flugplatz Rangsdorf

May 13, 2022

Berlin and its immediate surroundings have always been at the forefront of german aeronautical innovation and are steeped in history. Germany’s first Airport opened in (the now Berlin district of) […]

front view wünsdorf sowjetischer übungspanzer abandoned soviet training tank abandoned lost places urbex brandenburg germany

The Abandoned Soviet Training Tank

Feb 4, 2022

Wünsdorf and its surroundings have a magical hold over us. Its long military history and abundance of Soviet Military “leftovers” keep pulling us back into its orbit. While Zossen and […]

abandoned soviet lenin bust fürstenberg havel brandenburg germany side view

The Lenin of Fürstenbergs School Nr 27

Dec 23, 2021

Even 97 years after his death, Lenin still makes an appearance in the most unusual places. But considering that at one point, 1.5 million Soviets were stationed in Germany – […]

sowjetisches ehrenmal fürstenberg drögen soviet war memorial panorama brandenburg deutschland

Fürstenbergs Soviet Murals

Jun 3, 2021

Fürstenberg – or to use its full name Wasserstadt Fürstenberg/Havel – has a long and difficult history. Its founding dates back to at least the middle of the 13th Century, […]

maybach I bunkeranlage bunker zeppelin amt 500 maybach bunker ranet wehrmacht sowjet soviet military zossen brandenburg germany lost palces urbex abandoned

Bunker Wünsdorf Zeppelin | Bunkeranlage Maybach

Mar 18, 2021

Wünsdorf could have been just like any other city in Brandenburg – but if it was we probably wouldn’t be writing about. Its location, close enough to Berlin – but […]

vorderseite eingang architektur historischer orientalismus herrenhaus gentzrode lost places brandenburg neuruppin gut gentzrode ost deutschland urbex abandoned

Gut Gentzrode

Dec 3, 2020

There are few places that have left us with a deep sorrow after we’ve visited them – but the Gut Gentzrode (also known as Herrenhaus Gentzrode) possibly tops our list. […]

luftschutzbunker eingang lager koralle lost places abandoned urbex brandenburg bernau wandlitz

Lager Koralle

Nov 1, 2020

In June 1939, a group of Kriegsmarine technicians set out into countryside outside of Bernau – a good 20 kilometers north of Berlin – armed with a mobile radio truck. […]

back view large factory hall rüdersdorf chemical factory rüdersdorf abandoned urbex urban exploring berlin lost places

Chemiewerk Rüdersdorf

Jun 19, 2020

Just a few kilometers outside of the city limits of Berlin, in the city of Rüdersdorf lie the ruins of the Chemiewerk Rüdersdorf – a former cement turned phosphate chemical […]

soviet piano stage sanatorium tuberkulose heilstaette grabowsee sanatorium hospital oranienburg lost places abandoned urbex brandenburg germany deutschland

Heilstätte Grabowsee

May 29, 2020

Just a few kilometers outside of Oranienburg – in the middle of the forest lie the ruins of what used to be one of Germanys most modern Lung clinics, the […]

close up red star panzerkaserne bernau heeresbekleidungsamt hauptamt kaserne lindow soviet wehrmacht brandenburg lost places urbex abandoned

Panzerkaserne Bernau

May 22, 2020

Bernau, just a few kilometers outside of Berlin was a city once known for its extensive Beer and Cloth Production skills. Today its known for being conveniently located on the […]

theater forst zinna adolf hitler lager luckenwalde juterbog sowjet kaserne soviet military barracks germany lost places urbex abandoned

Adolf Hitler Lager – Forst Zinna

Feb 19, 2020

An hour south of Berlin lay the ruins of the Adolf Hitler Lager – a sprawling military complex known more commonly as Forst Zinna. Between the 1930s and the early […]

ss schiesstand sachsenhausen oraninenburg brandenburg lost places urbex abandoned germany shooting range schiessplatz kugelfang

SS Schießstand Sachsenhausen

Dec 12, 2019

The quaint Oranienburg, just an hours drive north of Berlin has a long history dating back to the 13th century when it was still known as Bötzow. Sadly the period […]

water tower train tracks rangierbahnhof wustermark train yard elstal berlin lost places abandoned urbex brandenburg

Rangierbahnhof Wustermark

Sep 20, 2019

Just a few kilometers outside of Berlin stands what’s left of the Rangierbahnhof Wustermark – once one of Germanys largest and most modern train shunting yards. Allied bombing in World […]

roter stern red star graffiti nazi soviet military base abandoned urbex urban exploring loewen adler kaserne elstal wustermark roter stern kaserne germany lost places

Löwen Adler Kaserne

Sep 12, 2019

The name Elstal might ring a bell for some – mainly due to it being the home of the (not so) abandoned 1936 Olympic Village. But the small village actually […]

close up side view white maria weise maria weise madonna rohrbeck brandenburg abandoned urbex lost places world war one memorial

The White Maria

Aug 22, 2019

The vast forest and fields around Berlin have had a long military history. The Döberitzer Heide (also known as Dallgow Döberitz), just on the border to the West of Berlin […]

front tram strassenbahn brandenburg dallgow doeberitz potsdam abandoned urbex lost places germany deutschland

The Abandoned Forest Tram

Jun 6, 2019

When venturing out into the forest surrounding Berlin you can never be quite sure what lost and abandoned places you’ll stumble upon, especially when you head just a few kilometers […]

soviet ray window gates eberswalde artillerie kaserne soviet artillery barracks brandenburg lost places urbex abandoned germany

The Artillerie Kaserne

Nov 23, 2018

The seemingly sleepy town of Eberswalde, and hour north of Berlin has a lot more history than one could expect. Eberswalde saw a rapid industrialization in the middle of the […]

front view versuchsstelle fuer hoehenfluege nazi bunker WWII abandoned lost places urbex oranienburg brandenburg germany

The Versuchsstelle für Höhenflüge

Nov 8, 2018

Oranienburg, 35 kilometers to the north of Berlin is a city with a heavy heritage. Not only was it home to two concentration camps – the KZ Oranienburg (one of […]

Heimtschutzstil Nazi SS Hundertschaft Baracken KZ Sachsenhausen Oranienburg

The SS Hundertschaftsgebäude

Sep 28, 2018

When the KZ Sachsenhausen was constructed in 1936, it was intended to be used as a blueprint for other concentration camps, both in its design and management. Just outside of […]

kz sachsenhausen concentration camp germany ss bath house boiler house ss heizwerk badehaus front abandoned urbex lost places

The SS Bath and Boiler House

May 24, 2018

When the KZ Sachsenhausen was constructed in 1936, it was intended to be used as a blueprint for other concentration camps, both in its design and management. Just outside of […]

upper floor rotten gasthof zum schwarzen adler ruedersdorf brandenburg deutschland germany abandoned lost palces urbex

Gasthof zum Schwarzen Adler

Feb 9, 2018

Not much can be dug up about the abandoned Gasthof zum Schwarzen Adler (Black Eagle Inn). The abandoned hotel and restaurant must have been quite the popular hangout seeing as […]

herrmann goering Marshall batons carinhall guardhouse schorfheide germany

Carinhall – The ruins of Herrmann Görings Villa

Jan 26, 2018

In the heart of (one of) central Europe’s largest nature reserves – the Schorfheide –  lie the ruins of Carinhall – Herrmann Göring’s luxurious villa, attracting treasure hunters, Neo-Nazis and […]

soviet russian mil mi 8 helicopter germany deutschland abandoned urbex lost places hubschrauber wald ddr

The Abandoned Helicopter

Oct 5, 2016

Wedged between some trees in a little forest stands a stripped Soviet helicopter. A Mil Mi-8 to be exact. As rumors have it, the Mil Mi-8 was pushed as a […]

heeresbekleidungsamt bernau

Heeresbekleidungsamt Bernau

Nov 1, 2013

With more and more abandoned places in Berlin being converted into apartments and offices (or just outright being torn down) – it’s becoming increasingly more uncommon to find “untouched” and […]

dreilinden checkpoint bravo flaggen

Checkpoint Bravo

Oct 11, 2013

The Berlin Wall didn’t go up on the 13th of August 1961. What actually happened was that East Berlin Closed all its borders with West Berlin that day. Roads were […]

abandoned sbahn milestone friedhofsbahn stahnsdorf germany

The Abandoned Friedhofsbahn

Sep 27, 2013

Berlins rail based public transport network is huge. Combined, the S-Bahn and U-Bahn have over 477 Km worth of tracks, 25 lines and 339 stations – something very few cities […]

munitionsdepot oranienburg small bunker

Munitionsdepot Oranienburg

Aug 30, 2013

After the Soviets liberated the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp in April 1945, they immediately occupied all buildings and structures in and around Oranienburg which they thought they could profit from such […]

Oranienburg Frunkbunker Karo Ass

Funkbunker Karo Ass

Aug 16, 2013

When the Nazis set up the Concentration Camp Sachsenhausen in Oranieburg (35km North of Berlin), the SS swarmed out in search for suitable space to settle their units. A small […]

gewoelbe ss hundeschule sachsenhausen oranienburg

SS-Hundeschule Sachsenhausen

Jul 30, 2013

While the horrors of the KZ Sachsenhausen in Oranienburg have been documented for posterity, and the KZ itself has been preserved as a memorial for future generations – many of […]

einflughalle abandoned aircraft hangar flugplatz oranienburg urbex abandoned lost places brandenburg

Flugplatz Oranienburg

Jul 26, 2013

Oranienburg is one of those German Cities whose not so distant history casts a very dark shadow over it. It was home to not one, but two Concentration Camps – […]

obelisk doeberitzer heide

Truppenübungsplatz Döberitz

Jul 12, 2013

Gut Ding will Weile haben – a good thing is worth waiting for. That is until you wait too long. When I first moved to Berlin I heard about an […]

crow graffiti

Papiermühle Wolfswinkel

Oct 9, 2012

Most people living in Berlin will be familiar with the name Eberswalde – mainly because of the U2 U-Bahn Station Eberswalderstraße (and the fact that Konopkes Currywurst and the Mauerpark […]

an old folding bed in an abandoned clinic

Sanatorium E

Jun 20, 2012

The “Sanatorium E” was constructed as a Lung Clinic between 1912 and 1914 by the Jewish Doctor Walter Freimuth and his wife. After the German Reich introduced the first form of public […]

nazi eagle swastika mosaic tiles kaserne krampnitz abandoned potsdam berlin Kavallerieschule barracks Panzertruppenschule nazi soviet military base germany deutschland

Kaserne Krampnitz

May 25, 2012

After the end of the Second World War, the Allies – and especially the Soviets started a mad scramble to repurpose former Nazi Military installations. Never letting a good Wehrmacht […]

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