There are over 100,000 Kriegerdenkmäler - War Memorials - all over Germany. Almost every village, community, and city have at least one monument dedicated to the fallen soldiers of the many violent conflicts Germany has found itself in, from the liberation wars of 1813, the first world war up to the second world war. While the dire economic situation during and directly after the first world war hindered many communities from erecting memorials to their fallen fathers, brothers and sons - a downright boom of memorials happened in the mid to late 1920s when the German economy stabilized again. Communities, together with their local "Landwehrvereine" (Veterans Associations) were encouraged to use local and familiar building materials - giving each memorial a distinct look and feel.

Similar as with our Soviet War Memorials page, our aim is to document and highlight the Kriegerdenkmäler that we encounter throughout our travels in Berlin and Brandenburg.

kriegerdenkmal garde pioniere kirche am südstern berlin kreuzberg

Denkmal für die Gefallenen der Garde Pioniere

Sep 29, 2022

While traveling through Brandenburg, one can’t fail to notice how the villages and towns take care of their War memorials. Unfortunately the same can’t be said for many of Berlin’s […]

roland statue kriegerdenkmal schonungsberg rahnsdorf berlin

Kriegerdenkmal Rahnsdorf

Apr 22, 2022

Rahnsdorf is the easternmost district of Berlin and many people probably associate the area with its picturesque nature, the cute Woltersdorfer Tram, and the canals of Neu-Venedig (and Berlin’s smallest […]

Gefallener Krieger Erster Weltkrieg Kriegerdenkmal Woltersdorf Fidus Denkmal Brandenburg

Kriegerdenkmal Woltersdorf (bei Berlin)

Mar 18, 2022

When traveling through the villages of Brandenburg one can always be assured to find at least three things: A bakery, a cemetary, and a “Kriegerdenkmal” – a war memorial. While […]