The First Schleswig War

Danish soldiers return to Copenhagen, 1849

The Isted Lion (Istedløven)

The Isted Lion in Flensburg, 1864

The Second Schleswig War

Overthrow of the Idstedt Lion by Schleswig-Holstein patriots, February 28, 1864

The Flensburg Lion moves to Berlin

Berlin, Kaserne der LSSAH, Flensburger Löwe – 1942 | Bundesarchiv, Bild 101III-Borelli-002-05A / Borelli / CC-BY-SA 3.0

The Wannsee – Flensburger Löwe

berliner siegessäule
The Berliner Siegessäule – Designed by Heinrich Strack after 1864 to commemorate the Prussian victory in the Second Schleswig War

The Isted Lion returns to Denmark… and Flensburg

The Flensburger Löwe (Berlin) Address

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