lenin statue denkmal memorial plattenbau building schwerin mecklenburg vorpommern germany deutschland

Germanys last Lenin


It’s been 29 years since the cold war ended. The Soviet Union and its satellite states no longer exist (at least not in their communist form). Decades of frustration and anger were taken out on the physical manifestations of the […] Read More

dont feed the pigeons londons smallest police station trafalgar square police observation box england uk

The Story Behind (Allegedly) Londons Smallest Police Station


Trafalgar square might be one of the busiest and well known squares in London. With its giant Nelson Column, the fourth plinth, dirty pigeons and its central location, the square has been a popular meeting spot for decades. Though Trafalgar […] Read More

mandela way london stompie stompy t34 soviet tank

Stompie – Londons Soviet Tank


What to do in London when you’ve virtually seen everything? You go out looking for the obscure and weird. And it doesn’t get more weird than looking for an old Soviet T34 Tank in South London. So whats the story […] Read More

peter falk columbo statue mikas falk utca budapest hungary

The Columbo Statue in Budapest


If you happen to stroll through Budapests 5th District and pass by the Falk Miksa Utca, you might end up doing a double take when you spot a life size bronze Columbo statue aka Peter Falk. Two questions immediately spring to […] Read More

paris bird market france white rooster Marche aux Oiseaux

The Paris Bird Market


You can hear the whistles and tweets before you even reach the last step of the Cité Metro Station. If you got off at this station on a Sunday with plans to visit the famous Marché aux fleurs (Paris Flower […] Read More

coins on point zero paris france notre dame

Paris Point Zéro


Trampled by the hordes of tourists crossing the Place Jean-Paul II in front of the Notre Dame Cathedral lies a small piece of hidden French history – the Point Zéro. What is the Point Zéro? The Point Zéro or known by […] Read More

tallest jesus statue world Świebodzin poland

The Tallest Jesus Statue In The World


 Its far too depressing to be Rio. The lack of Palm Trees and an abundance of Ukrainian Trucks could be more than a slight give away that something isn’t right. On the other hand, there’s a massive Jesus Statue in […] Read More

cafe parisi budapest neo renaissance lotz terem budapest hungary

Alexandra Bookcafe Budapest (Café Párisi) – Europes most Beautiful Cafe


Updated Information: The Lotz Terem | Alexandra Bookcafe unexpectedly closed its doors in 2017, and in the beginning no one was really sure why. It turns out that the Alexandra Group which ran the building, had some financial difficulties and […] Read More

tied up ken doll

L’étrange maison Arc en Ciel


The countryside is a strange place, especially the French countryside. If you have ever driven through the french countryside, you will know that it can be spectacularly beautiful… and empty. It is this emptiness which I find so fascinating. You […] Read More

boundary wall of the warsaw ghetto

Traces of the Ghetto


“This was the Boundary of the Ghetto from the 15.9.1940 to 20.9.1941” In a side alley, hidden in a lonely courtyard seemingly forgotten by the main stream tourist guides, lies one of the last remnants of the Warsaw Ghetto. Due […] Read More

small horse ears

Tierärztliche Klinik Domäne Karthaus


Over the Christmas Holidays I had the chance to spend some time with the in-laws at the Dutch/German border in Nordrhein Westfalen. Now as a “Bavarian” by Birth and a Berliner by choice, id say there is no more awkward […] Read More

Völkerschlachtdenkmal Leipzig rear view



There are several things Germans do better than the rest. You have the old (true) stereotypes of Beer, Cars, and Bureaucracy – but there’s something else which has remained a well-known secret amongst Germans. We make some amazing memorials and […] Read More

crowd surfing at the 2012 sziget festival in Budapest Hungary

Sziget Festival 2012


Ever since I heard about the Sziget Festival – a good 10 years ago – I knew I had to go. The combination of it having a fantastic lineup (snoop lion aka snoop dog, The XX, the killers, beatsteaks etc.), […] Read More

View of the Altar inside the St Stephens Basilica in Budapest Hungary during easter mass

St Stephens Basilica


Last year after walking by the St Stephens Basilica in Budapest, I had the chance “take part” in the traditional Easter Mass.  The Catholic Easter Mass in Budapest is the most important Religious Event of the year for the Church, […] Read More

Bozo Texino - Photo by Bill Daniels

The Search For Bozo Texino


A few years back I was living out west in Arizona – more specifically in Chandler, a small suburb on the outskirts of Phoenix. Aside from tumbleweeds there’s nothing out there to see. It’s a rather desolate place. I used […] Read More

View of the Bastei Bridge in the Saxon Switzerland National Park

Bastei – The Bastei Bridge


What to do on May Day in Berlin? After 4 years the best answer to this question is: Leave the City and go out for a nice drive in the countryside. On the one side May Day in Berlin is […] Read More

Front View of the Szent István-bazilika - St. Stephens Basilica in Budapest

The 5 Do’s and Dont’s of Budapest


Ive recently had a few people ask me if I had any suggestions about what to see and do in Budapest, and seeing as I just spent 10 days in Paris of the East (seriously does every eastern European city claim that […] Read More

buran space shuttle gorky park moscow russia front nose view

The Buran Space Shuttle


I spent last winter back in Moscow again with my family and through a stroke of luck I managed to find the Buran Space Shuttle – well at least one of them (there were 5 of them, OK-1K2 Ptichka, OK-2K1 Baikal, […] Read More

Sitting on the edge of la roche de solutré

Solutré-Pouilly – The Rock Of Solutré


 As the weather in Lyon was hitting +20C, we decided to take to the road and drive out into the countryside with our sites set to explore the region. after an hour of driving through the curvy and narrow roads […] Read More

Saigon Gourmet Neon Signs

Looking for Chinatown in Lyon


On my flight from Berlin to Lyon, I read in a magazine (not sure if it was the Easyjet Magazine) – that Lyon had the 3rd largest China Town in France, the other 2 both being in Paris.(**edit: I read […] Read More

bear balancing act moscow state circus

The Great Moscow State Circus – The Bolshoi Circus


So we managed to get some tickets to The Great Moscow State Circus – and I must say it was quite an experience. I hate circuses to be quite honest – I’ve never really seen the point of them, but […] Read More

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