Hidden in a forest between a somewhat busy road and a little housing estate, you can find an East German NVA bunker doing what a bunker does best – staying hidden. While it’s unclear when this Bunker it was built, it can be safely assumed that it wasn’t constructed later than the 1980s.

Covered by a thick layer of earth and smaller trees, one would walk right past this unassuming “hill” if it weren’t for all the broken concrete surrounding it – and the tiny entrance hole that someone has dug open. Squeezing through the tiny entrance, once is greeted by a canvas lined tunnel and steel entrance door. And this canvas gives us the first clue as to what this structure is: a Soviet Type SKT (сооружение каркасно тканевое) – a frame fabric structure. These Soviet SKT structures were designed/built as reusable mobile command posts and field hospitals, with a capacity for up to 30 people.

The SKT Type structure consisted of a light metal frame (resting on a concrete floor) covered by a fabric tarpaulin, which was then covered by earth. In this case, the SKT structure was used as a training field hospital for the East German NVA and came equipped with electrical connections for an internal heater, the filter ventilation systems(two FVA-100/50 filters were installed), as well as various medical equipment. The SKT Type field hospital could supposedly be constructed in 7 hours, and deconstructed in less than 4 hours.

NVA Lazarettbunker Video

After German reunification the NVA field hospital was abandoned as the german Bundeswehr most likely had no use for the structure(s). Until the early 2000s, the hospital bunker was left more or less as it was, completely stocked with expired medical equipment and instruments, though over the last few years (2021-2023) it seems like it’s become a target for trophy hunters and vandals who have picked it clean and smashed up the interior.

Supposedly this east german field hospital was one of three in the forest, but as of 2023, two of them have been torn down, with the third one most likely following suit relatively soon – if its not already gone by the time this post has been published.

East German NVA Field Hospital Address


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