Its no big secret but I hate fish, so youll be hard pressed to find me in a Japanese Restaurant (due to their pescy habit of serving mostly fish-based dishes). Nevertheless I was dragged down a dark industrial looking street to the Cocolo Ramenbar (which turned out to be just a street off from the “Trendy” Tor Straße)

Oils and Sesame Seeds in the Cocolo Ramenbar
Oils and Sesame Seeds in the Cocolo Ramenbar

Cocolo Ramenbar: Small, hot and cramped – but oh so delicious

Cocolo Ramenbar is a tiny, hot, cramped Japanese Noodle bar – whose Menu boasts a grand total of 5 Main Dishes – and dear lord I must say this is the best ramen ive had in years.

A Bowl of Miso Ramen at the Cocolo Ramenbar
A Bowl of Miso Ramen at the Cocolo Ramenbar

Its a bit on the pricey side – with prices averaging €8.50 for a bowl of ramen, but being able to watch as your noodle soup  is made infront of you makes up for it by all means – and the noodles itself are fantastic. You can choose from a small assortment of side dishes, the most popular probably being the steamed and salted snap peas

A tip on the side – make sure to bring enough cash as this place doesnt take plastic  – and the next ATM is quite a walk away.

Cocolo Ramenbar – Address

Gipsstrasse 3
10119 Berlin
Opening Times:  18:00-24:00
Public Transport:  U8 Weinmeisterstrasse or U8 Rosenthaler Platz


  1. thanks for the tip cosmo! not sure if i will get a chance to make it there before japan!!!

  2. I’ve been pining for this place since you reviewed it and for absolutely no good reason still haven;t been there. That changes tonight! Thanks for the tip.

    • fuck yeah – I love the place, especially now in the winter time. Theres nothing better than hot ramen to fight against the depressing Berlin Winter. Enjoy it!

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