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aachen panzerfriedhof lost place urbex m47 patton tank panzer kannonenlauf

The Tank Cemetery Aachen

Anyone traveling between and alongside the hiking trails of Brandner Wald and the Stolberg-Münsterbusch proving ground is very likely to come across the so-called “Tank Cemetery Aachen.” Despite it not truly being a tank cemetery, the military remnants along and in the forest are worth […]

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Eingang vorderseite Kurhotel Zippendorf Schwerin lost places

Kurhotel Zippendorf

Nestled on the shores of Lake Schwerin in Germany, the Kurhotel Zippendorf stands as a testament to the city’s rich history and over a century pf political changes and chaos, but also paints an all-too-common picture of neglect and indifference. Like with so many (formerly) […]

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flughafen tower vorderseite flugplatz schwerin görries mecklenburg vorpommern lost places

Flugplatz Schwerin Görries

Wedged in between two busy roads and hidden by trees and blackberry bushes, lie the remnants of Dutch-German aviation history dating back over 110 years. The Flugplatz Schwerin Görries in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern was where Anton Fokker would establish one of the primary testing and production sites […]

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buehne ansicht ballsaal Hotel Fuerstenhof Eisenach Thueringen abandoned lost place urbex

Hotel Fürstenhof

The Hotel Fürstenhof in Eisenach ist just a crumbling ruin today, but once hosted nobility and celebrities from all over Europe. With a history dating back almost 170 years, the Hotel Fürstenhof was built up to rival the glamour of other european spa hotels, becoming […]

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reactor block reaktor gebaeude kernkraftwerk greifswald nuclear powerplant ost deutschland east germany gdr DDR mecklenburg vorpommern

Kernkraftwerk Greifswald

Germany had always been at the forefront of Nuclear Research with Otto Hahn and his assistant Fritz Straßmann being the first to discover Nuclear Fission on the 17th of December 1938. After the second world war, many of Germanys nuclear scientists were “drafted” into the […]

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villa heike front view DDR stasi nazi archiv berlin germany abandoned lost places urbex urban exploring

Villa Heike

Hohenschönhausen is one of those areas in Berlin that one rarely traverses these days. Wedged above Lichtenberg and Marzahn, one struggles to come up with a reason to visit this district – aside from the Berlin-Hohenschönhausen Memorial, a former State Security Political Prison. But there is […]

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abandoned factory outside maschinenfabrik georg lensch lost places urbex urban exploring abandoned germany

The Machine Factory

After receiving a patent in 1901 for a machine which was capable of drying yarn, the Industrialist Georg Lensch built himself a large representative factory in 1912. The factory was designed by the Austrian Architect Karl Josef Benirschke (who studied in Vienna with Josef Hoffmann). […]

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textil fabrik factory urbex lost places abandoned germany staircase

The Textile Factory

The abandoned textile factory was designed and built by the architects Naumann & Kalitzki in the year 1923 for two jewish brothers. The brothers had built up their business in 1908, but needed a larger building by the early 1920’s. The building was renowned for […]

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Postenturm Neumagener Strasse Liebermannstrasse abandoned berlin watchtower

The Stasi Tower

When the DDR erected the „Antifaschistischer Schutzwall“ – aka the Berlin Wall in 1961, the 160 Kilometer long fortification was overlooked by 302 Watchtowers. The East German Watchtowers weren’t only used for guarding the Berlin Wall, but served as Guard-posts for Prisons, Storage Facilities and a wide […]

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abandoned castle europe forest

Rapunzel’s Tower

Hidden in a small overgrown forest on the outskirts of a sleepy village lies Rapunzel’s Tower. Or at least what’s left of it. Rubble of the former castle is still visible here and there, alluding to its former size. Hints of the former entrance path […]

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The Rewatex Factory in Spindlersfeld, Berlin, Germany


By now everyone should have realized that Berlin is a large urban wasteland dotted with specs of “civilization”. With a little research and some light reading you will easily stumble across an Abandoned Industrial Ruin or a deserted S-Bahn Station. Quite some time ago I […]

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