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coins on point zero paris france notre dame

Paris Point Zéro

Trampled by the hordes of tourists crossing the Place Jean-Paul II in front of the Notre Dame Cathedral lies a small piece of hidden French history – the Point Zéro. What is the Point Zéro? The Point Zéro or known by its full name “Point Zéro […]

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Völkerschlachtdenkmal Leipzig rear view


There are several things Germans do better than the rest. You have the old (true) stereotypes of Beer, Cars, and Bureaucracy – but there’s something else which has remained a well-known secret amongst Germans. We make some amazing memorials and statues. But hold on! I […]

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View of the Altar inside the St Stephens Basilica in Budapest Hungary during easter mass

St Stephens Basilica

Last year after walking by the St Stephens Basilica in Budapest, I had the chance “take part” in the traditional Easter Mass.  The Catholic Easter Mass in Budapest is the most important Religious Event of the year for the Church, so everyone prominent Catholic in […]

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