Gates and Arches

Triumphal Arch:

  • A triumphal arch is a freestanding structure, usually consisting of a single arched opening, often adorned with columns and decorative elements.
  • Triumphal arches are historically associated with Roman architecture, where they were erected to commemorate victorious military campaigns and honor triumphal processions of returning generals.
  • Notable examples include the Arch of Constantine in Rome and the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.

Triumphal Gate:

  • A triumphal gate, on the other hand, is a term that is sometimes used more broadly to describe monumental gateways or entrances, including those with multiple arches.
  • In the context of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, for example, the term “gate” is used even though it has a single, large arch. This is likely due to its role as a ceremonial entrance to the city and its association with triumph and peace.
  • Triumphal gates may have similar purposes as triumphal arches, commemorating victories or important events, but the term “gate” allows for a broader interpretation in architectural terminology.

The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin

Quick Facts:

Location: Berlin, Berlin, Germany
Construction Date: 1788 – 1791
Style: Neoclassical
Architect: Carl Gotthard Langhans
Address: Pariser Platz, 10117 Berlin
Geo Coordinates: 52.51671856406936, 13.377639726342583

The Brandenburg Gate in Potsdam

Quick Facts:

Location: Potsdam, Brandenburg, Germany
Construction Date: 1770 – 1771
Style: Neoclassical
Architects: Carl von Gontard, Georg Christian Unger
Address: Luisenplatz, 14471 Potsdam
Geo Coordinates: 52.41556959598114, 13.052017593221409

The Brandenburg Gate in Altentreptow

Quick Facts:

Location: Altentreptow, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany
Construction Date: 1450
Style: Brick Gothic
Address: Rudolf-Breitscheid-Straße, 17087 Altentreptow
Geo Coordinates: 53.69048071732639, 13.250458543463074

The Brandenburg Gate in Szczecin

Quick Facts:

Location: Szczecin, Poland
Construction Date: 1725-1727
Style: Baroque
Architect: Major General Gerhard Cornelius von Walrave
Address: Plac Brama Portowa 2, 70-001 Szczecin, Poland
Geo Coordinates: 53.425093040553534, 14.550269947900798

The Brandenburg Gate in Kaliningrad

Quick Facts:

Location: Kaliningrad, Russia
Construction Date: 1859
Style: Gothic Revival
Architect: Friedrich August Stüler
Address: Ulitsa Bagrationa, 137, Kaliningrad, Kaliningrad Oblast, Russland, 236039
Geo Coordinates: 54.69737044774622, 20.4946696354637

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