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dreilinden checkpoint bravo flaggen
dreilinden checkpoint bravo flaggen

Checkpoint Bravo

The Berlin Wall didn’t go up on the 13th of August 1961. What actually happened was that East Berlin Closed all its borders with West Berlin that day. Roads were torn up, barbed wire barriers were erected and combat troops were stationed along multiple checkpoints […]

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abandoned sbahn milestone friedhofsbahn stahnsdorf germany

The Friedhofsbahn

Berlins rail based public transport network is huge. Combined, the S-Bahn and U-Bahn have over 477 Km worth of tracks, 25 lines and 339 stations – something very few cities can match. Dating back to 1838 – the network expanded with the rapidly growing city, […]

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munitionsdepot oranienburg small bunker

Munitionsdepot Oranienburg

After the Soviets liberated the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp in April 1945, they immediately occupied all buildings and structures in and around Oranienburg which they thought they could profit from such as the Sachsenhausen Camp, The SS hundertschaftsgebäude and the SS Bath and Boiler House, the Flugplatz Oranienburg and […]

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Oranienburg Frunkbunker Karo Ass

Funkbunker Karo Ass

When the Nazis set up the Concentration Camp Sachsenhausen in Oranieburg (35km North of Berlin), the SS swarmed out in search for suitable space to settle their units. A small forest was conveniently located between Oranienburg and Friedrichsthal so the SS decided to set up […]

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Staircase of the former ULAP in Berlin


Hidden in the shadows of Berlins Hauptbahnhof, lies a small park and a lonely staircase with trees growing out of it. Unless you lost your way and somehow ended up underneath the railway bridge – or by off-chance decided to take a shortcut to the […]

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The Rewatex Factory in Spindlersfeld, Berlin, Germany


By now everyone should have realized that Berlin is a large urban wasteland dotted with specs of “civilization”. With a little research and some light reading you will easily stumble across an Abandoned Industrial Ruin or a deserted S-Bahn Station. Quite some time ago I […]

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kino sojus tower block view abandoned cinema verlassenes kino lost places abandoned berlin germany

Kino Sojus

Marzahn. The last Bastion of old Berlin. Cold, Ugly, and Unwelcoming. Plattenbauten as far as the eye can see. You’re not going to see any hipsters flocking over here in droves (even though the rents are still legendary cheap) as the area is known to […]

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crow graffiti

Papiermühle Wolfswinkel

Most people living in Berlin will be familiar with the name Eberswalde – mainly because of the U2 U-Bahn Station Eberswalderstraße (and the fact that Konopkes Currywurst and the Mauerpark are located there). Eberswalde is more than just an U-Bahn Station in Berlin though. The […]

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Facade inside the Theater

The Lost Cabaret

Berlin is a truly wonderful place. No matter where you go there, there’s always a secret bit of history to be discovered. Not too long ago a curious property investor stumbled upon a bricked up building in the courtyard of a residential property in Berlin […]

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Back Staircase to the First Floor

Stadtbad Oderberger Straße

On every second sunday in September, Germany (and several other european countries) celebrates the “Tag des offenen Denkmals”(Day of the open Monuments) as part of the European Heritage Days. Monuments, buildings, and Institutions which are generally closed off to the General Public open up their […]

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The abandoned Eisfabrik in Berlin, Germany

The Eisfabrik

Walking along the Spree you’ll find an ever decreasing amount of crumbling factories and halls. All are destined to make way for the MediaSpree Project, for luxury Hotels and Offices in the name of Urban Renewal. Yet one of these rotting factories has managed to […]

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View of the Altar inside the St Stephens Basilica in Budapest Hungary during easter mass

St Stephens Basilica

Last year after walking by the St Stephens Basilica in Budapest, I had the chance “take part” in the traditional Easter Mass.  The Catholic Easter Mass in Budapest is the most important Religious Event of the year for the Church, so everyone prominent Catholic in […]

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Steps leading onto subway tracks of the U6 Tunneltag

U6 Tunneltag

Germans Love Tunnels. They simply go apeshit for them. Theres simply no other explanation as to why over 7000 people queued up on a Sunday Morning after the BVG invited 5000 enthusiasts to take part in a  “Tunneltag” and walk through 500 meters an old […]

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an old folding bed in an abandoned clinic

Sanatorium E

The “Sanatorium E” was constructed as a Lung Clinic between 1912 and 1914 by the Jewish Doctor Walter Freimuth and his wife. After the German Reich introduced the first form of public health care, hospitals and sanatoriums sprung up all over Germany – such as the Beelitzer […]

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nazi eagle swastika mosaic tiles kaserne krampnitz abandoned potsdam berlin Kavallerieschule barracks Panzertruppenschule nazi soviet military base germany deutschland

Kaserne Krampnitz

After the end of the Second World War, the Allies – and especially the Soviets started a mad scramble to repurpose former Nazi Military installations. Never letting a good Wehrmacht or Luftwaffe base go to waste – the Soviets inadvertently ended up with a luxury […]

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