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reactor block reaktor gebaeude kernkraftwerk greifswald nuclear powerplant ost deutschland east germany gdr DDR mecklenburg vorpommern

Kernkraftwerk Greifswald

Germany had always been at the forefront of Nuclear Research with Otto Hahn and his assistant Fritz Straßmann being the first to discover Nuclear Fission on the 17th of December 1938. After the second world war, many of Germanys nuclear scientists were “drafted” into the […]

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lenin statue denkmal memorial plattenbau building schwerin mecklenburg vorpommern germany deutschland

Germanys last Lenin

It’s been 29 years since the cold war ended. The Soviet Union and its satellite states no longer exist (at least not in their communist form). Decades of frustration and anger were taken out on the physical manifestations of the regimes – mainly on the […]

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train switch house abandoned lost palces berlin germany urbex

The Switch House

Nothing could be dug up about this little abandoned railroad switch house. We stumbled across this lost place by chance looking for another abandoned structure a while back. While there might not be any information online, we can make a few assumptions based on its […]

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glass window heizhaus heating plant abandoned urbex lost places berlin germany

The Heating Plant

Theres not much information to be found about the Heating Plant, but theres enough information about the surrounding area that one can speculate about its history. Judging from its architecture, the building was most likely constructed sometime after the late 1940s, early 1950s. The land […]

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durchschussloch berlin germany bullet hole bridge WWII war

The Bridge of Scars

Over 7 decades have passed since the Battle of Berlin and at first glance one wouldn’t notice. Division, reunification, the building boom of the 90’s and the gentrification and modernisation of the 00’s have sanitised the city. But only at first glance. The battle to […]

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villa heike front view DDR stasi nazi archiv berlin germany abandoned lost places urbex urban exploring

Villa Heike

Hohenschönhausen is one of those areas in Berlin that one rarely traverses these days. Wedged above Lichtenberg and Marzahn, one struggles to come up with a reason to visit this district – aside from the Berlin-Hohenschönhausen Memorial, a former State Security Political Prison. But there is […]

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abandoned factory outside maschinenfabrik georg lensch lost places urbex urban exploring abandoned germany

The Machine Factory

After receiving a patent in 1901 for a machine which was capable of drying yarn, the Industrialist Georg Lensch built himself a large representative factory in 1912. The factory was designed by the Austrian Architect Karl Josef Benirschke (who studied in Vienna with Josef Hoffmann). […]

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textil fabrik factory urbex lost places abandoned germany staircase

The Textile Factory

The abandoned textile factory was designed and built by the architects Naumann & Kalitzki in the year 1923 for two jewish brothers. The brothers had built up their business in 1908, but needed a larger building by the early 1920’s. The building was renowned for […]

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schloss dammsmuehle berlin lost places germany abandoned berlin urbex castle turm tower

Schloss Dammsmühle

Schloss Dammsmühle – an 18th century fairy tale castle to the north of Berlin slowly bidding its time. Once an illustrious home to a wealthy merchant, the abandoned castle has gone through all the un-pleasantries modern German history can offer. But lets start at the […]

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berlin factory milchhof veb milchhof ddr back view

The VEB Milchhof

The history of the VEB Milchhof (Dairy Farm) begins with the construction and opening of another famous (and now abandoned) Berlin location – the Säuglings und Kinderkrankenhaus in Weißensee in 1911. The Berlin Milk War Before we get into the details we need to go back […]

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abandoned berlin wernerbad mahlsdorf kaulsdorf verlassen urbex urban exploring lost places abandoned swimmingpool berlin germany water slide

The Wernerbad

The Wernerbad was Berlins oldest (abandoned) open air swimming pool. The term Swimmingpool might be a bit of a glorification as the origins of the Wernerbad are a kettle pond – a pond that’s formed by the water of a melting glacier. The origins of […]

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abandoned hospital berlin verlassenes krankenhaus lost places urbex ruins germany abandoned hospital building

The Jungle Hospital

When it comes to abandoned structures, it always struck me as odd why cities let Hospitals go to waste. Industries come and go (especially in East Germany), but everybody needs a Hospital right? Berlin has its fair share of abandoned childrens hospitals, clinics and sanatoriums – […]

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Postenturm Neumagener Strasse Liebermannstrasse abandoned berlin watchtower

The Stasi Tower

When the DDR erected the „Antifaschistischer Schutzwall“ – aka the Berlin Wall in 1961, the 160 Kilometer long fortification was overlooked by 302 Watchtowers. The East German Watchtowers weren’t only used for guarding the Berlin Wall, but served as Guard-posts for Prisons, Storage Facilities and a wide […]

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cosmonaut mural potsdam

The Cosmonaut of Potsdam

Potsdams a nice place – but it’s just not quite as cool as its younger brother Berlin. Whatever Potsdam does it’s always seemingly second class to Dickes B. Its got the Original Brandenburger Tor (Potsdam 1770, Berlin 1788, Königsberg 1860), the Stadschloß they restored is […]

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The Watchtowers of East Berlin

The Watchtowers of East Berlin

When the DDR erected the „Antifaschistischer Schutzwall“ – aka the Berlin Wall in 1961, the 160 Kilometer long fortification was overlooked by 302 Watchtowers. The East German Watchtowers weren’t only used for guarding the Berlin Wall, but served as Guard-posts for Prisons, Storage Facilities and a wide […]

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honeckers window berlin alexanderplatz

Honecker’s Window

Berlin is not a city of skyscrapers – and it seems like most of the action happens underground. With German reunification, the city had wide-reaching plans to modernize the Alexanderplatz and rid it of its socialist character. 17 Skyscrapers up to 150 meters in height […]

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eiergasse berlin

Berlins Shortest Street

Berlin is full of famous streets. The illustrious Kurfürstendam with its luxury shops. The historical “Unter den Linden” lined with Embassies leading up to the Brandenburg Gate, or the Oranienburger Straße with its hookers and alternative vibe (thanks to gentrification thats almost gone – the […]

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jaczoturm front ansicht berlin spandau

The Jaczoturm

Not many Berliners know of the Jaczoturm – and even amongst the locals in Spandau it remains somewhat unknown. Hidden along the entrance of the Jaczoschlucht at the border of Wilhelmstadt to Gatow, stands a small tower commemorating the “Schildhornsage” – one of the most important legends/events […]

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coins on point zero paris france notre dame

Paris Point Zéro

Trampled by the hordes of tourists crossing the Place Jean-Paul II in front of the Notre Dame Cathedral lies a small piece of hidden French history – the Point Zéro. What is the Point Zéro? The Point Zéro or known by its full name “Point Zéro […]

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fabrik halle und wachturm veb kuehlautomat berlin

VEB Kühlautomat

Back in the day, Berlin had 6 Airports – Schönefeld, Tegel, Tempelhof, Gatow, Staaken, and Johannisthal. 4 of those have since been closed, some converted into parks and nature reserves, others into museums – and some, such as the old Airport Johannisthal turned into the […]

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werkshalle oben veb baerensiegel adlershof berlin

VEB Bärensiegel

Everybody loves a drink or two – and Berlin was (and still is) a city for drinkers. 150 years ago, the city had over 200 breweries and distilleries – today only a fraction of them remain. While many abandoned and disused breweries and distilleries have […]

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