As usual time flies when you are having fun – or just stupidly busy. For the most part this month felt like it was just dragging along and then *poof*  it’s almost April.  Those who are unlucky enough to be in Berlin at the moment will certainly agree with me that the winter has gone on for too long, its 3 days before Easter and it’s still snowing. Nevertheless the snow hasn’t stopped me from going out and taking some pictures – and I must say im actually quite pleased with this months outcome, im actually going to get higher quality scans of the negatives.

It seems like im slowly getting a feel for the Leica, and the fact that the light meter is off by at least 1 stop – but I can live with that.  While I love the look and feel of Ilford B/W Film ive decided to switch things up for April and go through a roll of Fuji Velvia – the (in my opinion) best color film on the Market. Its super sharp and has a high color saturation.  But that’s for next months post.

And of course we have a winner for the “Year of Film” Giveaway! For the impatient ones – scroll down to the bottom of this post, and you’ll see who won!

Cat sitting in a sunny window
Window Cat
The Bearpit Karaoke at the Mauer Park in Berlin, Germany
The Bearpit
park inn hotel alexanderplatz
Park Inn
abandoned soviet gym
abandoned soviet gym

I’ve noticed that ive been taking more pictures of people this month – something which I have generally avoided. I’m not a people person – and for those who follow my posts/photos, I normally choose locations which are void of other people. I think the reason why ive subconsciously taken more people pictures is because the Leica is small and feels less intrusive, it’s not so in your face.

hide and seek
hide and seek
young woman walking along the wannsee
Walking along the Wannsee
wilmersdorf ubahn station berlin
In Wilmersdorf
praying at the mosque
praying at the mosque

I’ve also started to notice that every time I go to the supermarket, someone has left their dog tied up outside. Its turned into quite an interesting mini series, which I think ill expand over time.

supermarket dog
Supermarket Dog #1
supermarket dog labrador
Supermarket Dog #2
supermarket dog rewe
Supermarket Dog #3

And now for the Winner of the Diana Mini, Lomo Film Scanner and Ilford Film….

Congrats Federico! Seems like you were the Random Generators favorite entry!

Thanks to everyone for entering! Maybe ill do something like this again in the near future.

For those of you who are interested in the rest of this months set – feel free to check out the Flickr Album: Year of Film March

And on that note – im off for an Adventure in Poland – Happy Easter Everyone!



  1. Great shots. I love your perspective on the Bearpit and the Supermarket Dog series is definitely a keeper.

  2. whoo-hoo! I promise I’m gonna take decent pictures with it

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