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So the month went by quicker than expected, and ive barely had any time to go out and shoot. Earlier this month I managed to acquire a Summicron 40mm for my Leica CL (and a 1,35 volt battery) which meant that I could finally run a test film and see if everything worked the way it should. I used this opportunity to also test out the built-in light meter. Knowing that the meter would probably be off, I just hoped that not all the negatives would turn out super under or overexposed. It was weird using a rangefinder camera again – there was a lot to get used to.

leica cl summicron 40mm
Leica CL with a Summicron 40mm Lens

Id say the most challenging part – aside from getting the exposure right – was getting the picture in focus. Auto focus had made me terribly lazy, so getting the shot lined up took a lot of patience. It doesn’t really help that I wear glasses, as they tend to slip at vital moments. I think I might switch back to wearing contacts when I know that im going out for a shoot (I used to do that before anyway). Getting a better feel for the exposure settings wouldn’t hurt either, but that’s like riding a bike – you never really forget how you did it ( and it helps that the Ilford HP5 is rather forgiving for 1-2 stops).

Cosmonaut Mosaic Potsdam
Cosmonaut Mosaic in Potsdam
prison entrance lindenstrasse potsdam
Prison Entrance, Lindenstrasse, Potsdam
crumbling doorway in potsdam
Crumbling doorway in Potsdam
The Bird Bar Berlin
The Bird in Berlin
changing room
Im not a pervert

In my first post I was asked how I would scan the negatives after I got the film developed. I do have a scanner at home, but it’s not really the best thing to use, so at the moment I just get the negatives developed and scanned to CD at “preview” quality – hence why January’s and February’s pictures look a bit worse than they actually are. Theres no point in shelling out big bucks for high quality scans for low quality images.

For more of Februarys Pictures check out the Flickr Album  Year of Film – February

Its been good fun so far, and im quite pleased with how things are going, and the responses I got from my first post were very encouraging. It seems like Januarys post hit a nerve with some people, which has prompted others to follow suit with my “Year of Film” project. And here is where it gets interesting for you!

Year Of Film Giveaway

Year of Film Pack

No im not giving away a years worth of film…. Instead you can win a Brand New Diana Mini White, the simply awesome Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner (which isn’t even available in stores yet), and of course im going to throw in a roll of Black and White Ilford HP5 Film! With all of this stuff you can start your own Year of Film project!


Heres a short description of what you can win:


Diana Mini White

Lomography Diana Mini White

I love this little camera! You can max out up to 72 shots on one roll of film thanks to its half frame setting! And if youre going to get a Diana Mini it might as well be the Luxury White Version.

“Retaining its dreamy appeal and ultra-convenient qualities, the Diana Mini’s very first clone is ultra-bright in a coat of white! Take this compact 35mm friend everywhere you go and choose square or half frame shots to your heart’s content. To further enhance creative possibilities, there are Multiple and Long Exposure features, a tripod mount and a cable release attachment.”

Find out more on the Lomography Diana Mini Page -> here


Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner

I think this video says it all. Super easy and super quick scanning + sharing!

This was the first product I believed in enough to support on Kickstarter. The Preview scans I have seen from this  film scanner look very good (subject to how good your smartphone camera is) – so good in fact that I got one for myself as well.

Ilford HP5

ilford hp5 film

The Boss of all Black and White Films. Fine Grain, excellent contrasts and very forgiving.


So how can you win all this goodness?

Just like my Facebook page – either directly on Facebook  or here on my Blog (it wont hurt to like this post either) and leave me a comment below why you want to win.

Thats fairly straightforward, no?

I will announce the winner of the giveaway on Friday the 29th of March, 2013 in the “Year of Film – March” post.

The Legal Bit:

– You need to be at least 18 years of age

– The Winner will be picked with the help of a random number generator.

– The Winner will be solely responsible for all applicable taxes and or additional postage fees that may occur.

Good Luck!


  1. I want to win to make wonderful pictures of Berlin!

  2. Arnau Sala Soler

    That is great… I was about to buy a lomo camera because I want to try it out. From now the only film camera that I own is an old Dacora Dignette 300SL from the 70s (I got it from my father) and still haven’t developed the film. It also looks great this kind of noisy black and white… really love it.

    So, put me on the list for that Diana! haha

  3. I’d like to win because the Diana Mini is a sexy bit of kit and you’ve inspired me to want to give film a go with your Year of Film project.

  4. Jim Lipscomb

    Wow a scanner too!

  5. Even though I am a total photo novice, I would love to win this!!

  6. Lucas Ayala

    I´m starting to shoot film because the feel of the image is different than digital so a scanner would be great. Thanks for the contest.

  7. i’d like to win ’cause my camera just broke (ok, in October) and I’d like to take pictures again, especially now that the temperatures are getting bearable

  8. I moved to Berlin in 2010 and it was the first time I started to take some photos and treat process seriously, as before that, when I lived in my hometown Kyiv (Ukraine) I was surrounded mostly by photographers, designers, musicians and artists, who always took care of taking good photos of us, Kyiv and me. I started with digital camera Nikon d3100 – I walked kilometers and kilometers around the city and learning on my own mistakes and experiments, I started to unfold the inner beauty of Berlin through the camera glass. Then 9 months later I bought Fujifilm Instax Mini – to capture special moments just now and people I’ve met. Shooting with that camera was a bit of challenge – you have now only 1 attempt (ok, 2 when I took photos of people I usually presented them the second one for them to have some sweet memory too) and you should really think carefully about how your photo will look like and try to get the best of you.
    In 2011 I moved to Stockholm and with the new city, I got the new camera – film camera made in USSR called Zorkiy – with this camera first photos of me were made in 1988 by my parents. It is my first experience with the film camera where you not only need to think about all the settings like with Instax but also then wait weeks or days to finish the whole film and then go and process it to see what you end up with. This time in between the moment you took the photo and the moment you actually hold it in your hand and see the result – unspeakable excitement and curiosity, and I totally love it. You never know whether it will be a lot of joy or you’ll be cursing at yourself for being so stupid and spoiling it all. It is now 2013 and I live in Berlin and Stockholm and those are two the most amazing places on the planet to spend your youth and there are so much to discover there, and I feel it is again the time to change the camera and discover the new hidden gems. Making good film photos is still a challenge for me, but I really want to go for it and would be happy to be a winner 🙂 Thank you for the contest and the photos you share in your blog – constant good mood and inspiration 🙂 Have a great Monday!

  9. Yes, yes, yes. I’d definitely love to win the Lomo Diana and scanner and Ilford film has always been my b/w film of choice. The last part makes me realize it’s been too long since I’ve shot analog. Your year-long photo project and the beautiful photos are a great inspiration. Winning that camera would be just the right tool to go exploring Berlin with analog film again. And it could make for a stylish “In A Berlin Minute” video…

  10. Just going back to the good old analogue world like yourself and marching boldly through the same focusing hell, too:) I even got myself new contact lenses to prevent my nose from being an innocent victim of glasses vs. rangefinder camera clashes. I still see nothing but am always hoping for the best – if it´s really out of focus, you can always say it´s meant to be Art;-)
    It would be good to have the small scanner I´ve been reading so much about for two simple reasons: I have no space-cash capacities for a bigger one and because I could finally share the results of my analogue trigger-happy Kreuzberg days online (one can be only as much non-digital). The camera and the film would be a lovely addition, too. You can never have enough of those:)

  11. Awesome! Ive been dying to try out the Lomo Film Scanner!

  12. Very nice giveaway!

  13. The Lomographer

    Ive always been a fan of Lomography – I just love the feel and look! Ive been toying around with a Holga for ages and been wanting to try out something new, id love to shoot some cool half frame photos with the Diana Mini!

  14. Cant wait for the Lomo Film Scanner App to be released and try this thing out!

  15. I would love to win this for my daughter who aspires to be Steven Speilberg!

  16. Never really been much of a Film person, but this would be the ideal opportunity for me to try it out!

  17. I would love to win this ahead of my road trip across California – and a film camera will make me a much better photographer!

  18. Great competition. Thanks for hosting. I’ve recently discovered film and having a blast with experimenting (off to do a course on developing with coffee this weekend!). Film seems a bit more honest to me and I am really having fun. I think I might just try a ‘year of film’ project too. I don’t suppose the prize would arrive for my trip to Venice but I am looking forward to exploring analogue photography in a foreign destination.

    The scanner would be great for getting pictures that I can share on my blog too.

  19. I wish all the contenders the best in this competition. =]

  20. Well done with the pics & contest! I just saw Frederico won and checked out his pics. Love the idea of shooting with film, and am happy to observe your lovely results.

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