I’m back in Berlin and it seems like I need a vacation from this vacation.

*Dont ever fly with Transaero.* They are a bunch of cunts. Not only did they lie to all the airline passengers for 2 days straight, but they also refused to help us, and cut off their own phone help line after all hell broke loose. They didn’t even bother to reimburse or refund any passengers. Fuck You Transaero.

View from the Gate in Domodevodo Airport, Moscow, Russia
I hate you Domodedovo. I hate you even more Transaero

To keep it short, I was stuck in Domodedovo Airport In Moscow for 2 Days, trying to fly back to Berlin. apparently a power cable snapped or something delaying all flights  for however long it took to get it fixed.My only connection to the outside world was through my iPod touch and the airport wi-fi

28.12.2010 – 17:50 – Transaero Flight 319

I check in at Moscow Domodedovo Airport and find out that my flight is delayed for an undefined amount of time, then the flight disappears completely from the board. Ive been waiting for a good 2 hours now and decide to buy the most expensive cheese sandwich ever, 410 Rubels aka 10 Euros.

The most expensive cheese sandwich ever at Domodedovo Airport
The most expensive cheese sandwich ever at Domodedovo Airport. It tasted like shit.

The flight reappears again on the board, but its even more delayed now. 10 minutes later  the flight is delayed indefinitely (aka canceled).

At this point the russian passengers are really pissed off. Neither the airport staff nor the airline staff have given us any information about our flight status or the current situation.  we don’t know how long our flight is delayed for, if it’s really canceled, or when we are going to be able to leave russia.

I debated if I should leave and head back into Moscow and go back “Home” to my parents, but the hassle of checking in and out of immigration is not really worth it. (I had this option available as I had a multiple entry visa, but if you don’t have one of those you are stuck for good inside)

The Russian Passengers group together under the drunk reincarnation of Lenin, stormed and occupied the airport security checkpoint. I somehow get dragged along. The mob refuses to leave until the head of the Military Militia and some official from the Airport show up.  This is probably the single most pants shitting moment I have endured in years. A petition is drafted up by someone, which everybody signs and is handed over to the Military, who clearly don’t give a fuck. 

I must add at this point that people have been stranded at Domodedovo Airport for over 2 days now, and these people were thirsty. What a great coincidence that the duty-free shops sell booze. or at least they sold booze. There was none left anymore. So people were drunk, tired and angry. great.

Passed out Passenger at Domodevodo Airport, Moscow, Russia
because theres not better place to pass out than the floor….

Some airport official gave us a gate number where our flight was supposed to be leaving from, so the mob descends to the gate to find our non existent flight.  We met the passengers from the previously canceled flight to berlin who are even more pissed off. Finally we met a Transaero official who tried to calm the situation. All hell broke loose when the rumor (which turns out was true) spread that there weren’t enough seats for all the passengers.

A full-scale riot errupted with people trying to lynch the poor Transaero lady.

Boarding a Transaero Flight at Domodedovo Airport in Moscow, Russia
Trying to Board the first Transaero flight out of Moscow…

The crowd trying to board a Transaero Flight from Moscow
Theres at least another 50 people behind this crowd…
Trying to board the Transaero flight to Berlin
Take my ticket please….

This Ticket lady almost got knocked out, the only thing that saved her was that a giant Russian stepped in to stop the violence, no help from the military dude though.


Everybody tried to squeeze into the plane.  I gave up trying to board as there was no chance in hell I would get on it. Transaero assured us that another plane would leave in 1 hour so all we had to do was wait. We waited but no plane showed up. Transaero had fucked us over again.

Things were getting ugly so the military shows up again with another Transaero official. They assure us that a new plane would be there early in the morning, and that they would bring us to a hotel for the night. Some passengers got suspicious, as they couldn’t give us a  guarantee that  we would make the flight if we went to the hotel. Pavel- the Transaero official tried to threaten us so we would stay at the hotel by saying that we might be “forgotten” if we didn’t travel as a group.Then they told us that the Hotel was at the other end of the city. If youve ever been to Moscow, you know that it can take up to 5 hours to get to the airport, so this was deff. not an option. A renegade group of passengers declined the offer to be brought to hotel (including me) and forced Pavel to create a list of passengers and to sign it, guaranteeing that we will be put on the next flight out.

At 3:30 am and Pavel came back handing us some food vouchers worth 20 euros. well to bad that most of the food courts were all closed. We stormed the Transaero business lounge and decided to set up camp there. I made myself comfortable on one of them swank leather chairs.

A Transaero food voucher
A Transaero food voucher

I tried  to kill some time and catch some sleep, but I was deadly paranoid that I will would miss my flight. I spent most of my time staring out the window cursing this shitty airport and shitty Transaero.

Resting in the Transaero Businessclass Lounge in Domodedovo Airport
The only positive thing about Transaero – the chairs were very comfortable.

I woke up around 7am to find the russian next to me drinking a Jack and Coke. how pleasant. I moved over to the gate only to find out that there was no flight and that Transaero had fucked us over again and directly lied to our faces. People were even angrier than before, but I was way too tired to care.  Apparently there’s evening flight which could bring us back to Berlin, but the passenger numbers have now doubled (seeing as no flights from Transaero have left to berlin in the meantime). So I had the chance to kill another 12 hours – until 7pm when we were supposed to board the flight. It seemed like this time there really was a flight. Things got really unpleasant again as the rumor made the round again that there weren’t enough seats in this plane for all the passengers either. People start punching each other to get past the gate. The ticket lady broke down into tears and the riot police hade to move in. I think this was the first time that ive had to dislocate someones rib to get on a flight.  You do what you need to do. At 1030pm we finally landed in Berlin. Ive never set foot in Domodevodo again since.

Transaero never apologized for lying to us. They never apologized that they stranded us at Domodevodo. They never compensated us. They did try to threaten us though. Fuck you Transaero.

Now there’s some little things that ive left out, mainly because I’m too lazy recount them, but I can surely say im never going to fly with fucking Transaero again.

Heres a Link to a BBC News Report documenting the Chaos.

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  1. wow, i’ve been to domodedovo once, but it was okay. my favorite moscow airport is Sheremetevo. I’m sorry that happened to you. the only time i’ve been fucked by an airline was because of bad weather.

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