Courtyard of the Kunsthof
The Tadschikische Teestube – Hidden in The Kunsthof Courtyard

The Tadschikische Teestube  officialy closed on the 30th of April 2012 – but it seems like Berlin just got a reprieve.

I “revied” the Tadschikische Teestube in early Febuary of this year – and while I wasnt keen on the service (read: it was shit) I fell in love with the place. It was one of those experiences that make Berlin so unique. Sadly though – as far as I understood – the owner of the Tadschikische Teestube had failed to renew the lease in time,  so it came as it had to come, and they were forced out of the building they had been in since the 1970s. 


If you are interested in my first reivew of the Tadschikische Teestube in its original location feel free to check it out here: 111 Places in Berlin – Nr 101: Die Tadschikische Teestube.

It seems like not everything good goes to shit in Berlin as  in early october it was announced that the Teestube would reopen in a new location – so I signed up to their mailing list and was promtply informed of the new opening date and location. Not wanting to put it to chance, I managed to snag 2 reseravations for the opening night as well.


Window of the Tadschikische Teestube
Peering through the Window….

Tucked away in the Innenhoff of the Kunsthoff on the Oranienburger Straße 27 (an impressive classicist building, constructed in 1840) – the Teestube has managed to find a more than suitable home.


Entrance of the Tadschikische Teestube in Berlin, Germany
Entrance of the Tadschikische Teestube

As we walked in, it seemed like nothing had ever changed, the place looked exactley the same as it had 9 months ago. The carpets, the wood panneling, and the smell (not like feet) which I couldnt really place.


inside the tadschikische teestube in berlin, germany
Looks like nothing has changed

As we peeled off our shoes, we were promptly brough to our empty table. The Teestube was fairly empty (5pm on a Saturday) so we had the luck of having the entire table for ourseleves for the majority of the time (though if you didnt have a reservation you still had to wait to be seated for whatever reason). We propped our backs on the wall and stretched out our feet along the carpet (the wall is rather cold so its advised to wedge a pillow between it and your back).


pillows in the tadjik tearoom in berlin, germany
the rare luxury of space
table inside the tadschikische teestube berlin germany
a whole table and lots of cushions to ourselves

As far as I could tell the menu hasnt changed – and still boasts a large assortment of teas – from first flush to various green teas – and various food stuffs.


tadschikische teestube berlin menu
Assam Golden Flower Orange Pekoe

Being the boring people that we are, both of us ordered some assam tea. They both came in some nice plain clay pots with each yealding 3 cups of tea. for roughly 4 euros thats not bad value for money at all.


sugar in the tadschikische teestube
Three Types of Sugar aka Diabetes
Pot of Assam Tea
Pot of Assam Tea

As we eavesdropped in on the conversations of the people around us, the misses had driffted off into a half sleep, while I engaged in the traditional german pasttime of staring. After glancing at my watch it turned out that we had spent well over 2 hours just relaxing over a cup of tea.


carved wooden pillar
thats some ornate carving
lamps in the tadjik tea room in berlin germany
I swear they have the same lamps in the Moscow Metro

It might have been because the Tadschikische Teestube wasnt as busy today as I had seen it before, or because the staff was way more friendly and attentive, or maybe because we just felt at ease with ourselves – but for the first time we were able to relax and unwind over a cup of tea. For whatever reason our previous visists in the Tadschikische Teestube always felt a bit rushed and hectic.But this time it was a complete turn around. 


A Samovar in the Tadschikische Teestube Berlin
If you plan on hanging around for a while, order a Samovar

Despite being located in the mecca of all tourists roads of Berlin (Oranienburger Straße), it lies hidden enough that (I hope) it wont be flooded with people immeaditaley. If youve had enough of all the überstyler cafes in Berlin, The Tadschikische Teestube is a more than welcome alternative for youre caffeine fix. I would highly recommend making a reservation, and then ordering a large Samowar. At roughly 6 euros per person (minimum order of 2 people), its still relatively cheap but adds just the right amount of “quirkyness” to make you forget that you are in Berlin.


Die Tadschikische Teestube

Im Kunsthoff, Oranienburger Straße 27

10117 Berlin (Mitte)

Tel. (030) 204 11 12

Mon-Sun – Open from 12:00 pm until (?)



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