Panzerkaserne Bernau

Bernau, just a few kilometers outside of Berlin was a city once known for its extensive Beer and Cloth Production skills. Today its known for being conveniently located on the […]

soviet war memorials berlin sowjetische ehrenmale berlin

The 12 Soviet War Memorials of Berlin

3 weeks ago

The Battle of Berlin all but marked the end of the Second World War in Europe. To get to this point, the Soviet Army advanced on Berlin with a troop strength of 2,5 Million soldiers to crush the remnants of the Third Reich. […] Read More

dont feed the pigeons londons smallest police station trafalgar square police observation box england uk

The Story Behind (Allegedly) Londons Smallest Police Station

1 month ago

Trafalgar square might be one of the busiest and well known squares in London. With its giant Nelson Column, the fourth plinth, dirty pigeons and its central location, the square has been a popular meeting spot for decades. Though Trafalgar […] Read More

close up berlin kuppelkreuz berliner dom berlin cathedral church cross st hedwig friedhof cemetery domfriedhof

Kuppelkreuz – The cross of the Berlin Cathedral

1 month ago

Few buildings in Berlin define the “skyline” and the city as much as the Berlin Cathedral. The imposing Neo-renaisance Cathedral is a tourist magnet, only dwarfed in visitor numbers by the Cathedral in Cologne. While many simply enjoy the building […] Read More

hubertusbad lichtenberg facade statues stadtbad lichtenberg hubertusbad berlin abandoned pool urbex lost places

The abandoned Stadtbad Lichtenberg

2 months ago

Berlin hasn’t always been a very “hygienic city”. Some say it still isn’t, but considering it boasts over 67 public baths today (83 if you count the members only / non-communal ones) then I’d think you’d be safe to say […] Read More

ddr wappen glassfenster staatsratsgebaeude berlin

The Staatsratsgebäude

2 months ago

Berlin is a city of change. It always has been, and it most likely always will be. Berlin evolved from a small village in a swamp to the capital of the Prussian empire, to the largest industrial city in Europe […] Read More

ddr glas superfest ceverit bierglas logo ost deutschland

Superfest – The (almost) unbreakable East German Glass

3 months ago

While most can and will consider German reunification a “success story”, the merger of the two German states also meant the loss of identity, purpose, and direction for many. There are plenty of articles, books and documentaries out there which […] Read More

theater forst zinna adolf hitler lager luckenwalde juterbog sowjet kaserne soviet military barracks germany lost places urbex abandoned

Adolf Hitler Lager – Forst Zinna

3 months ago

An hour south of Berlin lay the ruins of the Adolf Hitler Lager – a sprawling military complex known more commonly as Forst Zinna. Between the 1930s and the early 1990s, thousands of Nazis, East Germans and Soviets absolved their […] Read More

ss schiesstand sachsenhausen oraninenburg brandenburg lost places urbex abandoned germany shooting range schiessplatz kugelfang

SS Schießstand Sachsenhausen

5 months ago

The quaint Oranienburg, just an hours drive north of Berlin has a long history dating back to the 13th century when it was still known as Bötzow. Sadly the period between the early 1930s and late 1940s has tainted its […] Read More

water tower train tracks rangierbahnhof wustermark train yard elstal berlin lost places abandoned urbex brandenburg

Rangierbahnhof Wustermark

8 months ago

Just a few kilometers outside of Berlin stands what’s left of the Rangierbahnhof Wustermark – once one of Germanys largest and most modern train shunting yards. Allied bombing in World War II, and the division of Germany into east and […] Read More

roter stern red star graffiti nazi soviet military base abandoned urbex urban exploring loewen adler kaserne elstal wustermark roter stern kaserne germany lost places

Löwen Adler Kaserne

9 months ago

The name Elstal might ring a bell for some – mainly due to it being the home of the (not so) abandoned 1936 Olympic Village. But the small village actually has a deeper, specifically military, history due to its proximity […] Read More

close up side view white maria weise maria weise madonna rohrbeck brandenburg abandoned urbex lost places world war one memorial

The White Maria

9 months ago

The vast forest and fields around Berlin have had a long military history. The Döberitzer Heide (also known as Dallgow Döberitz), just on the border to the West of Berlin saw its first large scale military maneuvers in 1753. This […] Read More

front tram strassenbahn brandenburg dallgow doeberitz potsdam abandoned urbex lost places germany deutschland

The Abandoned Forest Tram

12 months ago

When venturing out into the forest surrounding Berlin you can never be quite sure what lost and abandoned places you’ll stumble upon, especially when you head just a few kilometers west of Berlin to Dallgow-Döberitz. The first large-scale maneuver – […] Read More

car port border roof grenzdach elaste bornholmer strasse border crossing prenzlauer berg berlin germany east germany

The Recycled East German Border Crossing


The year 2019 marks 58 years since the construction, and 30 years since the fall of the Berlin wall. The 160km long wall ploughed its way through and around the capital – giving residents of the western sector only 14 […] Read More

german colored easter eggs

What are those coloured eggs in German supermarkets?


Have you ever strolled through a German supermarket and spotted those weird colored eggs? Do Germans sell easter eggs all year around? I’ve been living here long enough and have asked myself that question plenty of times. I’ve never been […] Read More

abandoned villa field winterquartier staatszirkus ddr lost places berlin urban exploring abandoned urbex germany

The Winter Home of the State Circus of the German Democratic Republic


I’ve never really been a fan of Circuses. I’ve been to a fair share, including some in Russia, and I’ve always felt slightly uncomfortable with the often-dubious animal shows. Historically, Berlin had always been known to be a “Circus” City […] Read More

soviet ray window gates eberswalde artillerie kaserne soviet artillery barracks brandenburg lost places urbex abandoned germany

The Artillerie Kaserne


The seemingly sleepy town of Eberswalde, and hour north of Berlin has a lot more history than one could expect. Eberswalde saw a rapid industrialization in the middle of the 19th century with factories and industries ranging from Ironworks, a Paper […] Read More

front view versuchsstelle fuer hoehenfluege nazi bunker WWII abandoned lost places urbex oranienburg brandenburg germany

The Versuchsstelle für Höhenflüge


Oranienburg, 35 kilometers to the north of Berlin is a city with a heavy heritage. Not only was it home to two concentration camps – the KZ Oranienburg (one of the first in Germany) and the KZ Sachsenhausen, but it […] Read More

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