The Lenin of Fürstenbergs School Nr 27

Even 97 years after his death, Lenin still makes an appearance in the most unusual places. But considering that at one point, 1.5 million Soviets were stationed in Germany – […]

abandoned soviet lenin bust fürstenberg havel brandenburg germany side view

The Lenin of Fürstenbergs School Nr 27

4 weeks ago

Even 97 years after his death, Lenin still makes an appearance in the most unusual places. But considering that at one point, 1.5 million Soviets were stationed in Germany – it shouldn’t be too unusual to bump into a Lenin […] Read More

Moskau DDR Kunst Leben Heinz Worner Niederschoeneweide treptow Koepenick crop

Cosmonauts, Communists, and the Kremlin in East Berlin

1 month ago

If there’s one policy from the German Democratic Republic that has left a lasting positive impression, then it would be the “Kunst im öffentlichen Raum” and the “Kunst am Bau” movement to promote Art in Public Spaces and Architecture. While […] Read More

Hitler Jugend Hitler Youth siedlung grazer damm drittes reich nazi architektur berlin schöneberg

The Nazi legacy of the Grazer Damm

3 months ago

There’s hardly a corner in Berlin that’s been left untouched by the legacy of the Nazis – be it through Hitlers and Speers architectural fantasy of building a new world capital called Germania, or the natural conclusion of the city […] Read More

avus tribüne avus motel autobahn lost places abandoned berlin urbex germany


4 months ago

There are few places in Berlin that I both equally hate and love driving along – one of them being the route of the legendary AVUS in West Berlin. The Autobahn along this section is always plagued with congestions and […] Read More

sowjetisches ehrenmal fürstenberg drögen soviet war memorial panorama brandenburg deutschland

Fürstenbergs Soviet Murals

8 months ago

Fürstenberg – or to use its full name Wasserstadt Fürstenberg/Havel – has a long and difficult history. Its founding dates back to at least the middle of the 13th Century, but regardless of its achievements – its history is overshadowed […] Read More

Chernobyl Memorial Berlin Lichtenberg fennpfuhlpark tschernobyl denkmal berlin deutschland juri sinkewitsch man knie

Berlins Chernobyl Memorials

9 months ago

35 years after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, the event the aftermath have had consequences that still impact us to this day. The area around (and) Chernobyl itself has become a urbex Disneyland for many adventurers and the catastrophe has been […] Read More

maybach I bunkeranlage bunker zeppelin amt 500 maybach bunker ranet wehrmacht sowjet soviet military zossen brandenburg germany lost palces urbex abandoned

Bunker Wünsdorf Zeppelin | Bunkeranlage Maybach

10 months ago

Wünsdorf could have been just like any other city in Brandenburg – but if it was we probably wouldn’t be writing about. Its location, close enough to Berlin – but also just far away enough made it the ideal location […] Read More

vorderseite eingang architektur historischer orientalismus herrenhaus gentzrode lost places brandenburg neuruppin gut gentzrode ost deutschland urbex abandoned

Gut Gentzrode


There are few places that have left us with a deep sorrow after we’ve visited them – but the Gut Gentzrode (also known as Herrenhaus Gentzrode) possibly tops our list. We’ve first heard of Gentzrode almost 10 years ago, and […] Read More

mitte des leninplatzes berlin

Everything you didn’t know about Berlins Leninplatz


As the German art critic and author Karl Scheffler once put it – “Berlin is damned always to become and never to be” – and even 110 years later this statement couldn’t ring truer. No matter where you go in Berlin, if you just lightly […] Read More

luftschutzbunker eingang lager koralle lost places abandoned urbex brandenburg bernau wandlitz

Lager Koralle


In June 1939, a group of Kriegsmarine technicians set out into countryside outside of Bernau – a good 20 kilometers north of Berlin – armed with a mobile radio truck. The Navy Technicians were carrying out a series of radio […] Read More

reactor block reaktor gebaeude kernkraftwerk greifswald nuclear powerplant ost deutschland east germany gdr DDR mecklenburg vorpommern

Kernkraftwerk Greifswald


Germany had always been at the forefront of Nuclear Research with Otto Hahn and his assistant Fritz Straßmann being the first to discover Nuclear Fission on the 17th of December 1938. After the second world war, many of Germanys nuclear […] Read More

vierter ring four ring platz des 4 juli berlin hitler autobahn zehlendorf

Vierter Ring – Hitlers unfinished Autobahn


“Germania” – the mythical capital of the Third Reich. Looking back at the plans that Albert Speer came up with for Adolf Hitler in 1935, one can only wonder how the Nazis thought they could ever realize their supersized construction […] Read More

back view large factory hall rüdersdorf chemical factory rüdersdorf abandoned urbex urban exploring berlin lost places

Chemiewerk Rüdersdorf


Just a few kilometers outside of the city limits of Berlin, in the city of Rüdersdorf lie the ruins of the Chemiewerk Rüdersdorf – a former cement turned phosphate chemical factory – with a history dating back over a hundred […] Read More

lenin statue denkmal memorial plattenbau building schwerin mecklenburg vorpommern germany deutschland

Germanys last Lenin


It’s been 29 years since the cold war ended. The Soviet Union and its satellite states no longer exist (at least not in their communist form). Decades of frustration and anger were taken out on the physical manifestations of the […] Read More

soviet piano stage sanatorium tuberkulose heilstaette grabowsee sanatorium hospital oranienburg lost places abandoned urbex brandenburg germany deutschland

Heilstätte Grabowsee


Just a few kilometers outside of Oranienburg – in the middle of the forest lie the ruins of what used to be one of Germanys most modern Lung clinics, the Lungenheilstätte Grabowsee, most commonly referred to as the Heilstätte Grabowsee. […] Read More

close up red star panzerkaserne bernau heeresbekleidungsamt hauptamt kaserne lindow soviet wehrmacht brandenburg lost places urbex abandoned

Panzerkaserne Bernau


Bernau, just a few kilometers outside of Berlin was a city once known for its extensive Beer and Cloth Production skills. Today its known for being conveniently located on the S-Bahn line to Berlin and its UNESCO World Heritage site. […] Read More

soviet war memorials berlin sowjetische ehrenmale berlin

The 12 Soviet War Memorials of Berlin


The Battle of Berlin all but marked the end of the Second World War in Europe. To get to this point, the Soviet Army advanced on Berlin with a troop strength of 2,5 Million soldiers to crush the remnants of the Third Reich. […] Read More

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