Hotel Fürstenhof

The Hotel Fürstenhof in Eisenach ist just a crumbling ruin today, but once hosted nobility and celebrities from all over Europe. With a history dating back almost 170 years, the […]

Nazi Eagles Brandenburg Germany

The Nazi Eagles of Brandenburg

Our (historical) search for Nazi eagles continues. While we thoroughly covered the history of the german heraldic eagle, from its use as the Reichsadler in the early 900s up until […]
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Flugplatz Werneuchen

While the German Air Force was demobilized after the end of the first world war, and eventually dissolved as a condition under the treaty of versailles in 1920 – the […]
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Berlin BVG VBB Ticket Machines

A History of Berlin’s BVG / VBB Ticket Prices

Anyone that’s lived in Berlin for more than 5 years will have probably noticed that the fares for the BVG / VBB seemingly increase like clockwork every April. While we’ve […]
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wisent vorderseite detail Hermann Göring Nazi Wisent Bison Statue Schorfheide Brandenburg

Hermann Görings Bison Monument

It’s no secret that Hermann Göring loved the pomp and circumstance that his role in the Nazi Party gave him. His self entitlement and arrogance was only bolstered by every […]
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rollbahn drone view NVA Flugplatz Löpten Klein Köris Brandenburg Abandoned Lost Places

NVA Flugplatz Löpten

While the German Luftwaffe had 70 military air bases and airfields spread around Berlin and Brandenburg alone at the end of World War II, the newly created Air Force of […]
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avro lancaster crash site brandenburg märkisch buchholz germany

The Avro Lancaster Crash Site

The year 1944 was the single most destructive year for both the RAF and USAAF during the strategic bombing of Germany. Combined, over 900 thousand tons of bombs were dropped […]
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Julius Fucik Denkmal Bürgerpark Pankow Berlin Rechte Seite Büste Spruch

Julius Fučík Memorial

While many memorials and pieces of public art that were erected during the reign of the German Democratic Republic were removed or altered after German reunification, more than just a […]
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haupteingang Goebbels Villa Bogensee Waldhof Wandlitz Lost Places_

Villa Bogensee

Few places in and around Berlin highlight the complex german history layer cake like the Bogensee. Situated a good 15 kilometers north of Berlin, the Bogensee served as the scenic […]
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kriegerdenkmal garde pioniere kirche am südstern berlin kreuzberg

Denkmal für die Gefallenen der Garde Pioniere

While traveling through Brandenburg, one can’t fail to notice how the villages and towns take care of their War memorials. Unfortunately the same can’t be said for many of Berlin’s […]
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large rocket bunker NVA Flugabwehr Raketenabteilung Klosterfelde Brandenburg DDR lost places

NVA Flugabwehr-Raketenabteilung 4123 Klosterfelde

The forests around Berlin harbour a great many secrets. The Prussian, Nazis, East Germans and the Soviets – all of them have lurked around Brandenburgs expansive Oak and Birch forests, […]
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The Bridge of German Soviet Friendship

The majority of symbols and emblems related to the German Democratic Republic quickly vanished after the German Reunification in 1990. While some East German symbols can occasionally still be found, […]
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vorderansicht bülow pyramide grossbeeren brandenburg

The Bülow Pyramide

Brandenburg is full of lovely architectural and historical discoveries. While the region has a (not always unfounded) reputation for being somewhat dull and unfriendly, almost every village has something unique […]
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atrium treppe wald mfs buchheide stasi hotel templin lost places urbex

The MFS Buchheide – The Stasi Hotel

On the south eastern edge of the picturesque city of Templin, nestled in a small forest next to the Lübbesee lies the MFS Buchheide – also known as the Stasi […]
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abandoned teufelsberg urbex berlin

9 Legal Lost Places to visit in and around Berlin (and 10 that you can’t)

Urban Exploring has become quite a mainstream activity over the years, thanks to its ever growing presence and popularity on sites like youtube, reddit and even tiktok. Even this website […]
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oberen stockwerke wasserturm niederlehme königs wusterhausen brandenburg

The Galata Tower of Brandenburg

It seems like no matter where you go in or around Berlin, the scenery is somehow always accompanied by a tower. Be it the picturesque water tower in Prenzlauer Berg, […]
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kraftwerk vogelsang oder ansicht wernerwerk fürstenberg eisenhüttenstadt urbex lost places

Kraftwerk Vogelsang

Directly along the scenic Oder-Neiße border between Germany and Poland lies the concrete remnants of the Kraftwerk Vogelsang, a crumbling symbol of the destructive madness of the Third Reich. While […]
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tower flugplatz rangsdorf brandenburg urbex lost places

Flugplatz Rangsdorf

Berlin and its immediate surroundings have always been at the forefront of german aeronautical innovation and are steeped in history. Germany’s first Airport opened in (the now Berlin district of) […]
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roland statue kriegerdenkmal schonungsberg rahnsdorf berlin

Kriegerdenkmal Rahnsdorf

Rahnsdorf is the easternmost district of Berlin and many people probably associate the area with its picturesque nature, the cute Woltersdorfer Tram, and the canals of Neu-Venedig (and Berlin’s smallest […]
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