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verlassener hoersaal berlin anatomie schule

The School of Anatomy

Despite having only closed its doors a few years ago – vandals have found their way into this abandoned anatomy school.  All that remains are the shards of glass and medical tissue papers strew across the floor.  And some old medical machines. Too heavy to steal, too sturdy to smash – these massive metal blocks occupy the otherwise empty rooms.

A slight smell of chemicals wafts through the lower corridors, the floor covered in some sort of mixture of rainwater, paper, and who knows what. An old lecture hall with rows upon rows of wooden seats waits to be torn down – but for now they all silently stare at a graffiti covered chalkboard.

While the building is up for sale – it seems like it will be another few years until someone will buy it, and tear it down. Or renovate it. Until then one can only hope that this abandoned anatomy school will find some peace.

empty anatomy school berlin

empty classroom anatomy school berlin

abandoned bathroom

medical machine anatomy school

broken phone abandoned school

verlassener hoersaal anatomie schule berlin

verlassener hoersaal berlin anatomie schule

auditorium abandoned anatomy school berlin

empty office abandoned anatomy school berlin

verlassene anatomie schule berlin

chalkboard abandoned school

chalkboard chalk

anatomie saal berlin verlassen

anatomy room berlin

histologische kurse berlin

For more photos – check out the Flickr Album: The School of Anatomy

The School of Anatomy

Address: N/A

Public Transport: N/A

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  • Crazy! I was here yesterday and saw your post on facebook this morning. For a minute I thought I had somehow unknowingly uploaded my photos. Rad place, totally creepy at times. Thanks for sharing!

    • I think I need to go back there as I might have missed something interesting….

      you got a flickr account? Let us know if/when you publish them!

  • Is this in XXXXXX? There are a few buildings I have on my list…

    • Hi Michael – nope, but you aren’t far off. Its a relatively well known location but theres very little left.

      • Ok, then I know which building this is. I don’t understand this idiotic vandals. Another building prepared for tear-down.

  • Nice pictures, will definitely go there for a visit next time I’m in Berlin.

      • Cool, am going there next week. Is there any form of security (cameras, guards etc.) there?

        • Not when I was there. The whole place is fenced in and there are a lot of people around the place (a construction site right next to it, and some public buildings across from it). But otherwise easy as cake 😉

          • Cool, thanks. Yes, imagine there’s a lot of people around because of its location.

  • Been there 40 years ago. The place was even creepier then.

      • Havn’t been to the basement. Only remember the preparation-rooms, the entrance and the auditorium. And those corpses of course; also Professores Töpfer and Merker. Are there images of the basement?