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collie supermarket dog

Year of Film – June

oder havel canal oranienburg

My Year of Film posts are appearing later and later on the blog now, but I actually had this finished roll of film lying around my house for a good 4 weeks – and for some reason I never found the time to get it developed. So now that ive found 10 minutes (where im not sorting out through photos of abandoned buildings) I can finally publish this post.

1950 abandoned gas station berlin

I just realized that im halfway through my year of film project – and only just now thought of a million monthly projects that I could be doing with this monthly film idea. So ive got another 5 months (ive already finished Julys roll of film) to try out some projects.

BSA Motorcycle

I didnt really have a theme for the month of June, but my “Supermarket Dogs” series is coming along nicely.  The rest of the months photos are a random assortment of Urban Exploring Photos (such as the 1950s Gas Station and the Flugplatz Oranienburg) – but ive also managed to snap a few more people photos as well.

collie supermarket dog

After mistakenly loading a Slide Film last month – I switched back to a Kodak Professional BW 400CN Film.  As the name implies its a black and white film – which can be processed in a color film processing machine, that means you can get it developed in under an hour decent photo shop. I’m quite taken by this film and might opt for it again next month.

golden retriever supermarkt dog

small yorkshire mix dog

flugplatz oranienburg

young man with sunglasses

abandoned swimming pool berlin

For more of June’s photos – check out the Flickr Album: Year of Film – June

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