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Warsaw Stare Miasto

Year of Film – April

Another month, another roll of film. Despite having developed April’s roll of film early on, I couldn’t find the time to post them here. So a bit later than usual, here’s a selection of April’s Year of Film photos. I decided to switch things up a bit this month and use a Fuji Velvia slide film. I had the film cross processed – hence the funky colors, but im going to scan in the slides again at a later point to have them back in their “normal” look.

abandoned childrens hospital berlin

April was a rather interesting month which saw me visiting Poland twice in 2 weeks. We decided to visit Warsaw for a short Easter get away, only to be greeted with a foot of snow. Despite the snow – and everything being closed, we enjoyed Warsaw and are debating a second visit in the summer (when there’s no snow and the museums are open again.)

Palace of Culture and Science warsaw

Warsaw Stare Miasto

A week later I got on the Warsaw Express train again, but this time I headed to Poznan to work up some family history. I must say that I was very impressed with Poznan, the government clearly invested a lot into the city (thanks to the 2012 European Cup) and you can tell. Poznans Historic center is probably one of the prettiest in Europe and the Churches and Cathedrals are simply stunning (a full post about Poznan will be up soon).

facade in poznan

german military cemetary poznan

I headed back to my hometown of Schweinfurt at the end of April, and despite the weather being simply stunning I somehow only took a few random pictures of Bavarian Train stations.

bamberg trainstation

I’ve also continued with a long-standing project of photographing Berlins Gumball Machines.

gumball machine berlin germany

kaugummi automat berlin

Overall im quite pleased with this month – I did a fair bit of traveling and got several interesting stories lined up.

If you want to check out the rest of April’s photos check out the flickr album Year of Film – April.



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