111 Places in Berlin – Nr 77: Das Parkdeck der Neukölln Arcaden

Night View over Berlin from the Neukölln Arcaden

Night View over Berlin from the Neukölln Arcaden

So my  journey continues to explore all the 111 Places in Berlin. At the rate that im currently exploring them, ill probably be done in 10 years, nevertheless I plow on. Nr 77 – The Parkdeck der Neukölln Arcaden was actually one of the easier places to visit, but I had always put it off as I needed more than just 1 reason to head down to Neukölln.

So while the festival of lights was on, I found myself with a free evening. A quick message to andBerlin and we were off on a “photowalk” to the Parkdeck of the Neukölln Arcaden.

The Neukölln Arcaden is a 27000 square foot shopping center in the heart of the District Berlin-Neukölln. Built in the late 1990s, it failed to make any significant financial gains so it was sold off to a new investor in 2002 and reopened in 2003. It currently houses over 60 shops, the Neukölln Library and a Cinema.

Great. So it’s just a bland shopping mall like any other in Berlin. But it wouldn’t be on this list if there wasn’t something “unique” about it.

parking spaces in neukölln the arcaden

Dark Parking Spaces

As the title implies this post isn’t about the Neukölln Arcaden, it’s about the Parking Deck which belongs to the shopping mall. From the top deck you have one of the better views over the City. As ive mentioned before - most things in Berlin are better seen form above (especially since there aren’t that many opportunities to get up high) and like all the best things in life, its free.

neukoelln arcaden park deck 5th floor elevators

Elevators on the 5th Floor

neukoelln parkdeck arrows

This Way….

The elevator only goes up to the 5th floor of the parking deck, so you have to walk up the ramp to get on the 6th floor, but once you are there you are greeted with a terrific view over Neukölln and the rest of Berlin.  I would suggest visiting the Parking Deck just before sunset – this way you can enjoy the best of both worlds in terms of day/night and the beautiful sunset.

Neukoelln Arcaden Parkdeck 6th floor

The 6th Floor

It’s surprisingly peaceful up there, and despite being on the top of a parking deck – actually rather quiet. If you’re ever in the area, or are looking for a quiet space in the evening, head up to the Parkdeck of the Neukölln Arcaden.

night view neukoelln arcaden

View of the Fernsehturm from Neukölln

view over neukoelln from the arcaden

View over Neukölln from the arcaden

Neukölln Arcaden

Karl Marx Straße 66, 12043 Berlin-Neukölln

U7 – Rathaus Neukölln


  1. I just came across your website and am really enjoying it. I like your photography!

    • Thanks Patrick! I really liked your Berlin Portfolio, some very nice shots in there.

      • Thanks! l have just returned to Berlin after two years in London, and am interested to meet other photographers. I haven’t taken many photographs in the last few months (I have been trying to get on top of German), but I would like to get out an start taking more photographs soon.

        Looking forward to following your blog.

  2. Martin says:

    Warum kommst du nicht mal tagsüber? Der Klunkerkranich hat immer am Wochenende geöffent. Du wirst belohnt mit einer grandiosen Aussischt, einem Pfalnzenmeer, einem ungefährlichem Bienenvolk und entspananten Bartendern. Eine Bereicherung für #Neukölln. Ich liebe es! https://www.facebook.com/derklunkerkranich

    • Ich bin etwas zwiegespalten mit der idee/Konzept des Klunkerkranichs. Einerseits cool – anderseits zerstört es auch die belanglose Einzigartigkeit des Ortes. Ich hab auch gehört das man (seit dem der Kranich da ist) auch nicht mehr unter der Woche auf das obere Parkdeck kommt. Stimmt das? Wäre doch total scheiße wenn das der Fall wäre. Evtl. schau ich mal vorbei um selber den ganzen hype zu erleben, muss aber sagen das ich den Ausblick vorher auch ohne alkoholisierte party macher genossen habe.

  3. Jonathan says:

    There’s now a bar/club and allotment up there. Really nice.

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